Wormhole Corp Recruiting For our C2 Home

Dear Pilots,

We are a corp that is based around teamwork and flying together.

I can put in a whole story, but i bet you have read it all somewhere else.
(no time for a big ass long story! about how good we can be and such)

So just what we offer and who we are.

We are -DICO part of the GOEVE alliance. (Guardians Of EVE.)

We offer.
Experiance and willingness to share this
Coms (teamspeak)
Fleet-up and extra`s
Operations together
Learning Classes
Hi-sec Basis
and more in the Planning!

What we ask
-at least have a brain and able to think for yourself! (not beeing a f1 pusher)
-Working Mic, with Working English Tongue!
-Not afraid of some cursing here and there
-willingness to align with us.
-and willing to fly shields, and risk your own ship to safe anothers!
-PVP goes above PVE/Pi/Mining
-Respect for the Comms, and able to be online on coms when undocked.

if your intrested
Contact FILE
or join ingame: Guardians Of EVE


Do you help people who have never been in WH space before

Hi Lockey,

The short answer is Yes. The longer is that Guardians of EVE. alliance are funded on the concept of cooperation and shared experiences and have a big focus on letting our pilots grow in fields of their interest.

On the other end of the rope we require that you have the willingness to learn,
the patience to stick around even if we don’t throw you into the deep end of the pool right away,
and the lastly the trust in us to make the judgement if your ready (we like to see that you can swim first =)

Best regards, Solvia, Director Guardians of EVE.

Ok cool, Well ive been on EVE since 2007, Mainly indy/pve player. i have lived Null and Low before but never WH… Ive just logged back in after a few months break and wanted some mroe info about your corp.

Hi again Lockey EQE

I highly recommend you to join the ingame channel to get a feel for us and our pilots.

Best regards, Solvia, Director Guardians of EVE.

Growing at a nice pace :slight_smile:
Step in while you can!

Steady and lovely :slight_smile:

keep it comming

and we are back at the recruiting :slight_smile:
the new pilots fitted in perfectly, time for the new batch to come in!


Open For all kinds of aplications :slight_smile:
We are very open, and fair :slight_smile:

also direct, and honoust, teamwork above all!

Recruitment Ongoing :slight_smile:

got some spots left :slight_smile:

Our Friend base is growing, would love to see some more new faces!

Great group

Am interested in joining,

i have a 161m SP char Heavy_Metall and an alt at 40m SP use to run my own C4 Corp loads of exp in WH pvp roaming. is there an app form to fill or should i just drop by the channel ?

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