ExookiZ for CSM 14!


I am ExookiZ, and I am running again for CSM 14.

I am a 10 year EVE veteran, executor of Scary Wormhole People(WHBOO), and event organizer of EVE North East. I am seeking a seat on the CSM to leverage my experience as a CEO, a content creator, and a highly active member of the EVE community to help make eve a better place for everyone.

A quick rundown of areas I have focused on in EVE:

-I have lived and played across wormholes for 10 years, having lived in every class of wormhole space except C1s over the years. To that end I am very familiar with both wormhole mechanics themselves, as well as small and medium gang pvp.

-For the vast majority of my EVE career I have also served as my corp’s CEO and I am very familiar with the challenges related to building and maintaining a corp/alliance, both in game and out.

-I am one of my corporation’s primary content creators, in both hunting and setting up ops and FC’ing ganks, skirmishes and larger fights as we find them.

I am not new to working with CCP, throughout my time in EVE I have served on multiple focus groups, providing feedback on structures, tech 3 cruisers, and contracting and logistics as they relate to upwell structures. I help organize EVE North East, one of the largest North American eve meets, which has hosted devs on several occasions. Finally, I have presented at almost every fanfest since 2012, several years giving more than one.

I may hail from Wormhole space, but I can offer the CSM much more than just a wormholer’s perspective on things. I do not have a detailed list of specific items I am hoping to accomplish while on the CSM, but rather a list of high level areas I am hoping that CCP looks at:

  • Continue to iterate on many of the structure mechanics that do not actively promote conflict, and lead to stalemates. This is seen most prominently in nullsec, but mechanics that encourage inaction are detrimental, and impact all parts of eve.
  • More frequent balance iterations on ships, it may be never ending, but I think smaller, but more frequent tweaking of various ships can help avoid stale metas and drive innovation
  • Endlessly continue to improve server performance, both for large fights, and overall stability
  • Build content that promotes activity and conflict, and drives players to go beyond the easy and safe.
  • More balance iterations, I think this one deserves to be stated twice.

I have no agenda beyond trying to leave EVE better than it was before, and I am not a member of any blocks. If adding the voice of an experienced and involved player to the CSM appeals to you, please vote ExookIZ for CSM 14!


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I endorse this candidate.

You got my vote, buddy.

Why the ■■■■ is everyone reserving the first response-spot when there is no character limit!

Sheesh! :blush:

not sure, probably for organization. I can keep post #2 full of QnA, post #1 is the campaign itself.

Do you feel that T3C triglavian ships should be put in the game and how do you think the materials for them should be farmed eg: abyss, WH sites or both?


You have my vote.

That’s a relatively good reason, actually. I thought they’re just doing it, because it has been a thing on the old forums which actually had a limit. Apparently not everyone is aware and things just started rolling like this again.

Sorry, btw, didn’t mean to interrupt your thread or anything, but I had to get it out somewhere around here. :slight_smile:

To not be totally off-topic:

They’re already doing that. They’re never stopping, actually. The Aether Event was a test in that direction. Hilmar also talked about it in, and ideas for the future, in interviews.

I’d LOVE if they crowd sourced their code, but that’d never happen. I’d pay them money for the priviledge of being able to digest their code and improving certain parts of it! The fame of success would be priceless and one’s value as programmer would skyrocket!


Anyway, if you could actually get them to talk about it more, or find a way for letting us help with it … that’d be awesome.

I doubt that’s going to happen, it’d mess with their crowd control.

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If you promise to delete C4 space then you will have my votes.

Why C4s?

I think WH industry needs the love more than abyssal does but I don’t think a triglavian t3C makes a lot of sense. As they keep rounding out the triglav line I am not sure theres a role per say that wed need another t3C for, especially since as is we still struggle to really find the role that t3Cs fill.

I dont think we need new ships as much as we need adjustments to other things. Theres a lot CCP could do with WH materials, but so far including their use in other things hasnt really been on their list. I hope that that changes at some point, and if anything on CCP’s plan ever makes sense for it, I would be advocating for it.

I am holding out at least that drifter ships will be made out of WH materials.


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You sir, have my vote!


You have my vote!!


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Mike, sols habit is trolling the forums. He understands this very well.

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Oh @Solecist_Project and I get along fine. And that one was more for the more recent arrivals. I would not dare lecture Sole on forum behaviour



What about possibly T3 modules?

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Looking for CSM candidates who want to support and represent FW + Low Sec PvP to post in this discussion:

I think there is potential here when they go through and do some module tiericide. It would also be a great way to bolster Wh industry. If module re-balancing is on their roadmap, and making new modules to fill gaps is as well, i would advocate for something along those lines.


Good luck mate may bob be with you

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