ExookiZ for CSM 15


I am ExookiZ, and I am running for a seat on CSM 15.

I began my EVE journey 11 years ago in 2009, and after a couple months of highsec missioning, I found myself joining a WH corp to go and explore the mysterious and challenging new addition to eve known as Wormhole space. WH space became my home, and I began assisting the corp in leading operations and recruiting, eventually finding myself the CEO several months later after the previous one had to leave EVE for a while. I continued to spend the next 10+ years as CEO of The Dark Space Initiative, helping grow and build up the corp. I spent the entirety of that time in WH space, where over the years I became one of my corporations main FCs and content creators in addition to leadership.

Most recently, after losing a war against many better prepared and organized opponents, I have moved my corporation into The Initiative, where 11 years later I am experiencing an entirely new part of EVE out in nullsec.

Some areas of expertise I believe I can bring my expertise in to the CSM.

-I have lived and played across wormholes for 10 years, having lived in every class of wormhole space except C1s over the years. To that end I am very familiar with both wormhole mechanics themselves, as well as small and medium gang pvp.

-For the vast majority of my EVE career I have also served as my corp’s CEO and I am very familiar with the challenges related to building and maintaining a corp/alliance, both in game and out.

-I am one of my corporation’s primary content creators, in both hunting and setting up ops and FC’ing ganks, skirmishes and larger fights as we find them.

-I am not new to working with CCP, throughout my time in EVE I have served on multiple focus groups, providing feedback on structures, tech 3 cruisers, and contracting and logistics as they relate to upwell structures. I help organize EVE North East, one of the largest North American eve meets, which has hosted devs on several occasions. Finally, I have presented at almost every fanfest(when we have them :frowning: ) since 2012, several years giving more than one presentation.

I am running for CSM as I believe it is very important that the CSM have voices in the room who have different experiences and backgrounds besides nullsec. I served on CSM 14 and believe myself to have been a very capable and productive member there, ensuring that CCP always had a wormholer they could talk to, and ensuring that the impact to WH space was always considered in changes CCP was thinking of making. I was not always able to avoid the impact, but I am confident that WH space is better off now than it would have if the past year did not have that voice.

I do not have a list of specific items I hope to “accomplish” while on the CSM, but rather the following are areas that I consider of particular importance for CCP to continue developing and/or following up on. Having spent time on the CSM I believe that a list of areas to continue pushing CCP tokeep in mind is really the best you can do, and I do not want to make promises of any changes that can be made should I be re-elected.

  • Ship balance, I think talos made some great progress here, but I would consider it a never ending task. Given the complexity of EVE’s PVP ecosystem, and the vast number of different ships, roles and modules I think the best we can hope for is constant, small tweaks on deserving areas so that we feel a constant movement towards “better balanced”

  • Conflict drivers” - A overused term, and one probably brought up by almost anyone reviewing the state of eve. I believe an EVE with more reasons, and ways to get players interacting with each other ini meaningful ways will go far in helping improving the game. This is sorely needed at all levels, not just blocs needing a better reason to fight a war, but for smaller groups to raid, or have objectives that are obtainable without always needing or wanting enormous blobs. EVE needs more people out of their safety zones shooting eachother, but many players need something besides “just the fight” to do so.

-Structure mechanics we have seen a lot of iterations on this during CSM 14, but I believe there is still a good amount of room to keep improving. Given how prevalent ,and central to a lot of eve’s playstyles they are I believe there is merit in continuing to focus on them.

Finally, I will note that although I am currently a member of The Initiative Mercenaries, and thus the Imperium I do not consider myself “just another goon/null CSM”.

I believe that my background and experiences in EVE make me a valuable addition to the CSM and I still spend the majority of my time scanning and hunting in WH space. I will continue to represent a wormholer’s viewpoint, and that of someone with experience outside of large nullsec groups, regardless of where I log off for the evening.


Exookiz has been a great CSM member, he knows the wormhole game well, but he’s also well rounded enough to talk about other things in EVE, which I think is critical. He’ll be, along with me, at the top of the INIT ballot, and I look forward to continuing to fly with him.


What a difference a day makes… Congratulations on your re-election.

What are your thoughts on the most recent changes mainly in regards to t3s, resists and cap changes and if you were elected csm would you make any effort to alter those changes and if so in what way? furthermore what is your view on frig holes now are you happy with the way there and wormhole rolling as a whole?

Why should we vote for you as a wormhole csm when you’re in init and living in null?


Wormhole CSM that does not live in a wormhole. Cool cool

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i would regard a person that has spent 11 years in a wormhole running a wormhole corp a wormhole csm, regardless of where he currently lives due to WH Politik


Right? Saying “Hurr durr, Exookiz’s not a WHer anymore, he’s in INIT” is the most idiotic argument against his campaign anybody can make.


Actually, it seems pretty relevant.


I think the loki changes made sense, even if they felt a bit random, the arty loki was seeing widespread usage across null and WHs, and while I do believe there is a valid and important place for spending more isk on ships to see them perform better, the force multiplier of some of the fleets were possibly too far. The Legion PG change I think was intended as a " in case everyone swaps to these next" but i am not sure if it was really needed. I think both are really bandaids to the larger problem that is a lack of clearly defined role of T3Cs, something we will need if we ever really want to be able to say T3Cs are “balanced”.

I like the overall intention of the resist change, but I recognize that combined with the cap booster change it was especially heavy handed for WH space. I have been outspoken in the past about believing WH faxes were too strong, but this may have been too far.

I have been trying to get the rolling changes “fixed” from day one ( after CCP has stated they wont be reverted), sadly it seems to purely be a scheduling issue, CCP has agreed to some proposed changes, but I have no clear idea of when.

WH rolling is super tricky, I think the mechanics it presents, and possibilities are a double edged sword, in that many of the things that make/keep WH space unique, stem from our ability to control and alter our surroundings, but so do some of our “problems”. I am leaning towards believing that frig holes in their current state are ok, but i wont say theyre a great addition. From what I can see, they have yet to actually change the outcome of any eviction or major operations, but have certainly contributed to making many of those have more explosions. Im continuing to watch their impact to see if they should be revisited.


If you are a wormholer, and are looking to vote for someone with wormhole knowledge than I don’t think where I am living is that relevant. I was living in WH space until very recently, so I do not believe that anyone should consider my knowledge and experience as suddenly less valuable. If i lived in Whs a couple of years ago, I would absolutely consider that inferior to someone who is there now, but that isn’t the case here.

I have just shy of 11 years of WH experience, covering a variety of high, low class. small gang, medium sized( for wh at least) pvp, and am one of my corps top scanners/hunters( and I continue to be, even living in null for the moment) so I consider my background and knowledge very relevant to WH space today.


I think it’s very relevant. This game changes fast with little to no warning, 11 years of experience can be null and voided pretty easily. How do you expect to represent wormholers when you’re not there to experience the pinch points they’re experiencing?

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I mean… wormholes havent changed much in the month or so since TDSIN joined INIT. And the main reason TDSIN joined INIT in the first place is to recover from the year plus campaign against them from hard knocks. Even if Exookiz was in say PL now after being in wormhole form 11 years i would vote for him as a representative of the WH community.


If I may, I know of one eviction where two frigate holes made it possible in the first place, and changed its final outcome completely.
Quick story is my corp, Horde Vanguard., wanted to evict Hole Riders from J233255 back in 2016. The initial confessor fleet got in through a frigate hole, including the initial staging POS, allowing us to take hole control. A day or so before the final citadel timers, Tempest Legion who had been rage rolling to help Hole Riders, got in with a much superior T3 fleet as well as a handful of capitals. Took hole control from us, reinforced staging pos etc. A frigate hole spawned sometime after that, which allowed us to flood the hole with reinforcement from the rest of the alliance, winning the fight and finishing the eviction. Story in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVDPF6kFkic

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Best of luck !!!


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Having wormhole knowledge is one thing, having the interests of wormholers is another.

For better or for worse, you are no longer a wormholer, you are a member of The Initiative and The Imperium. People need to consider that when voting.

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I wonder.
Does this mean Loroseco Kross will drop out, or was it just another Loroseco lie that he wouldn’t run against ExookiZ.

Good luck Exooki. You 100% have my vote and I would encourage anyone who cares about wormholes to vote for you too.

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Denying the fact someone has years of extensive knowledge because he is with the group that pushed in your ■■■■, is absolutely and utterly nonsense. If you truly want to look at the issue with wormhole space as it currently is, you should probably look in a mirror…