ExookiZ for CSM 15

There are few people as passionate as Exooki about eve and wormhole living. Current CSM term is generally appraised , would be very good for WH if could serve a second term. If you care about wormhole ecosystem, vote Exooki.

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I changed my mind, which is perfectly within my rights.

I fully support Exooki as a candidate who will work for the benefit of wormhole space. If he wins a seat and I do not then I will of course be disappointed, but still relieved that wormholes retain proper representation.

You are indeed within your right to say something and then do something else because it benefits you or your corp.
Speaks to how good of a W-space CSM you’ll be though when you’ll say anything to sound good in “the media” and then turn around and “change your mind” when it doesn’t fit your narrative anymore.
You wouldn’t be the first HRDKX CSM to make a promise and then “change his mind” for an edge. :wink:

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ExookiZ managed to exceed my expectations for him on CSM XIV, and set a new bar for what it means to be a subject matter expert. He has not only demonstrated a deep knowledge of the game, but also a willingness to advocate for what he thought was best for the game, even when it was against his interests to do so. He is, imho, the exemplar of a CSM subject matter expert.

Yes, ExookiZ deserves to be re-elected. But more importantly, we deserve to have a CSM with people like ExookiZ on it. I don’t care if he’s currently crashing on the couch of a null bloc or not. I fully support him, and encourage everyone of all play styles to help this guy win re-election.

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I didn’t deny Exookiz has knowledge of wormholes.

I questioned whether he had the interest of wormholes seeing as he was now a member of the largest null bloc in the game. The same null bloc you are now a member of. You should probably take the time to read before posting in future.

I don’t see a question, all I see is you assuming something.

Then you need to learn how the English language works.

I can’t comprehend a post for you. You need to do that for yourself.

I guess the english language does not have question marks then.

Not for all forms of questioning. You only use a question mark if you expect a direct answer. When you raise a question that you expect the reader to answer for themselves then you don’t always need to use a question mark.

It isn’t my fault that this is beyond your level of comprehension.

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