ExookiZ for CSM 14!

Great Guy and very knowledgeable. A great Ceo and very active eve player.

:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Vote for ExookiZ :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Oh and if you get the chance come to Eve North East - great fun weekend organised by Exo camping with Nerds in a field talking Internet spaceships, and playing fun non electronic games. :heart_eyes::laughing:


I support ExookiZ for CSM both as a fellow WHer and because I know he will be an asset for the the whole community.


and my axe

*thumbs up

Good Luck Exzooki

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Thank you!

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Great to see you run! Best of luck!

You have my vote! Good luck!

Hey ExookiZ, thanks a bunch for spending the time to sit down and do an interview with me - Good luck with your campaign!

If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle completely obsolete or, at least, very hard to continue, would you challenge that even if you disagreed with that playstyle and, if so, how?

bump - will vote for you as 2nd place after Olmeca, this game is way too stagnant


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