Teddy Gbyc for CSM 16

Hey everyone, Im Teddy Gbyc Director and Head FC of Foxholers

- Your EVE Online story.

My Eve online story began in 2014. Like the majority of players in the game, I started out in nullsec. I began in Providence in a small industrial corp learning the basics and helping with CVA pings when I could. Eventually joining Forging Industries inside the alliance AFK, where I participated in the many defences of Providence while plying my trade as an industrialist.

In 2016, I started to grow bored and discontent with null life. I sought out a change, eventually deciding on a move to wormhole space. Joining the small corp (at the time) of ShekelSquad in their 5-4 wormhole before we moved into a 5-5. Eventually I was promoted to EUTZ director of the corp as we grew and became a well known name in wormhole space with awesome fights and infamous memes.

Leaving [SHKL] in 2018 I became a part of Foxholers, being engaged to the CEO, Ashy. This meant getting involved in smaller scale 5-5 wormhole life again and also participating in the Alliance Tournament with her and Villore Accords (Battle Badger!). Later down the line, I rejoined some old friends in Chain Smoking (5-5) and eventually became the CEO of the corp and banding together again with Foxholers in Outfoxed. At first this was in a 2-5/NS and then a 4-2/3 wormhole.

During this time the Surgical Strike patch hit the game along with the rolling changes which significantly hurt our ability to find content at the time. There were definitely upsides to the patch, but the overall effect on wormhole space combat is undeniable and must be clearly and directly communicated to CCP and the community.

- Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

  • Has been a director or a CEO for 5 years
  • Has been an FC for 5 years, FC’s small gang to large heavy armour brawls
  • Has participated in some of the bigger evictions/fights in recent wormhole history
  • Has constantly dabbled in wormhole industry for years
  • Has deep knowledge of wormhole PvP and PvE

Why are you applying for the CSM?

The main reason I want to stand is to provide a voice against any changes that would negatively impact our way of life and attempt to stop us becoming “Unwilling collateral damage” again. CCP has proven again and again over the last summit that they sorely lack the knowledge and understanding of wormhole space mentality and mechanics.

I want to become the constant voice in the back of ccp’s head saying “What about wormhole space?”

  • What can players expect from you?

  • To be reachable in and out of game

  • To support wormhole space in its entirety with the aim of creating a healthy and fun environment

  • To not be afraid to tell it how it is

  • To be your voice for wormhole space

I would also like to touch upon the various issues that wormhole space is facing at the moment:

  1. The mass roaching fleets

    • These are not the typical farming fleets of a few nestors and a leshak ran by corp members to make isk. When I or other wormhole candidates talk about these “Roaching Fleets” what we mean by that is the use of massive fleets of Nestor’s and Leshaks numbering in the 20-20’s. They clear sites faster than a dread setup while effectively only risking a single ship at a time due to how the AI in these sites all warp scramble the primary of the site.
  2. The Detrimental impact of Surgical Strike

    • Surgical Strike was a change last year that increased the DPS of short range ammo while also reducing resists across all ships by 20%. This had a massive and fundamental effect on wormhole space’s main form of content at the time, in the form of Heavy Armour Brawls. These brawls between C5 corps involved Multiple Capitals and the use of a FAX to hold grid against the massive amounts of DPS. Now after the patch FAX’s cannot hold t3’s or battleships to the extent such that these engagements are a thing of the past outside of a Wolf Rayet . Heavy Armour brawling is one of the core pieces of content for a wormhole corp and you can see the impact the effective removal of these brawls has had on wormhole space.

If you wish to contact me you can either reply to this forum thread, PM me on Discord (teddy9110#6848) or you can reach me on the Outfoxed Discord


Wormhole space residents, despite being only a small fraction of EVE’s population, deserve quality support from a wormhole CSM member for this unique area of space. Teddy is probably the most devoted person to wormhole space that I know so you can guarantee that he is here to support wormholes.

You have multiple votes for CSM 16 so why not grant just one of those to Teddy? It’s the right thing to do, probably. :sunglasses:


I don’t recall ever seeing so many wormhole candidates for CSM.

Do you think throwing your hat in the ring now makes it more or less likely that wormholers will get any representation?

With the way that the SVT works it benefits wormhole space as a whole to fill as much of the ballot with wormhole candidates. With each wormhole candidate excluded during the counting phase their votes will go to the next wormhole candidate and increase their subsequent chance of fulfilling the needed quota of votes.

Apart from this I will also be encouraging people to not just vote for myself but both Orin and Mark.


What are your main concerns for jspace as a whole?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in high class space?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in low class space?

Teddy, I read this “Has constantly dabbled in wormhole industry for years“ and thought you said “Dabbed in wormhole industry”. I am very disappointed that it is in fact not what you said.

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I’ve flown on Teddy’s fleet and even had him FC a couple of ours on ops. He’s a great FC, very knowledgeable about wormhole fights and is loved by many wspacers.

In sum, he’s both knowledgeable and is a good person. He’s got my vote.

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Teddy is smart and focused, thinks deeply about Eve and wormholes and gameplay. Voting for him along with other strong wormhole candidates, under the single transferable vote system used in the CSM election, will give us excellent representation on the CSM. Go Teddy!

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  • The large scale , almost industrial level of roaching that is happening in High class space is a real issue. By this i dont mean the small groups of a few subs, but the mass fleets that realistically only risk 1 ship at a time. To me the easist and simplest way to implement a fix would be modifying the AI to spread scrams.
  • T3C’s really need some love , in the form of increased buffer or better resists. ATM they are just not worth the SP loss to most people.
  • Coupled with this i think that Fax’s should be looked at again to try and bring some of their ability to tank and sustain reps during a High class brawl back.

By the by Low class is in an ok position IMO, however C4 sites really need to be addressed. They are just not worth the time or isk investment to complete them for the miniscule reward for doing them. This might be addressed in the reduction of the spawn distances but could also be addressed in the increase of reward.

With the recent industrial changes it will be intresting to see how populated C1-C3 space becomes with PI and moon mining corps.

lmao no.

Frig holes: What needs to change? - Ohzie on twitter

Ok, so this looks like a pretty simple question on the surface , however let’s take a deep dive into frig holes and explore the good , bad and what needs to change.

So as most of you will know it is now impossible to roll a frigate hole, ignoring for now weather this was a good or a bad idea this meant that when a frig hole is in your system its there for the duration.

There are some notable examples of frigholes having a large impact on Evictions. The best example would be the frig hole that opened up in Rage (Hard Kock’s Home) during their eviction of TDSIN (The Dark Space Initiative). There is a video out there of them attempting to roll the roll with around 100 talwars to no avail, this meant that INIT could get in and set up a counter eviction.

Personally i don’t mind the wormhole to wormhole frigate holes but i have issues with frigholes to nullsec and their weird coincidence of always appearing on the 2nd day of an eviction. However I believe that CCP sees the bigger fights that end up happening when null frig holes open up in an eviction as a positive not a negative and would be resistant to changing them again.

What do you think of HS gankers and pirates; such as Pirat?

What do you think of Jim Halescott as a CSM16 candidate?

Do you think Gigx should be allowed to play in Eveonline?

You sound like you really care about the health of wormholes. You’ll have one of my votes.

Every year I make public endorsements on my blog Eveoganda. Primarily supporting independent candidates I know and trust, both in game and/or out of game. This year it is even more critical to me, as I am also running for CSM. I believe a strong CSM is one that is both independent and made of voices that represent all of New Eden. As such, I am supporting Teddy as my WH voice on my ballot. Teddy cares deeply about WH space and his passion is obvious. I think he will be a great representative and he has my support.

A powerful candidate with a strong history with EVE and the community. Arguably married to it! :smiley:


Cross-posting here because some folk find navigating forums just as challenging as wormholes.

Valuable discussion for wormholers and cautious peerers.

[ o/ Ashey, I’m a fan! ]

Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks killed WH space. It seems all the WH candidates are just more versions of nullbloc candidates. WH space used to be fun.

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