Orin Borider for CSM 16

I am Orin Borider, a member of the Ops Team for Hard Knocks Citizens and I am running for CSM 16

o Your EVE Online story.

I began in Eve 5 years ago when a friend of mine wanted take the dive and set up him, me, and one other person in a C4 wormhole. Once I started in j-space, I never left. Since then I have gotten a lot of experience across all regions of Eve but my heart and my main have always stayed in wormholes. I have been lucky to meet many good people on my journey helping head corporations such as Holy Hunters and Hole Awareness, and even ran my own being the CEO of The Mighty Beans, a little band of misfits that grew too quickly for their own good and went out in a blaze of glory. Now I am fortunate enough to find myself on the Ops team for Hard Knocks where my experience has grown leaps and bounds and where I look forward to making content well into the future.

o Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

Wormhole space has been my primary stomping grounds for most of my Eve career and is where most of my knowledge base lies. I have lots of experience in small to mid sized combat including nano gangs, wormhole brawls, and evictions. I enjoy deep dives into the technical and mathematical parts of eve theorycrafting. While I am mainly interested in PVP aspects of the game I also feel I am very knowledgeable when it comes to most PVE aspects of the game as well and understand the necessary balance between the two.

o Why are you applying for the CSM?

I believe wormhole space has been sorely underrepresented in past CSMs and I wish to change that. Especially with the new changes in industry coming to Eve I believe it will be more important than ever that wormhole space is as healthy as possible. Some of the recent changes have done very good things for our region of space and I hope to help lend my knowledge of wormholes and its ecosystem to make it the best possible place to live. There are still a great many changes I believe can help j-space to grow and flourish. In addition I also believe that the CSM members should be active in the game they represent and I believe my record shows that I am a very active member generating content in game.

o What can players expect from you?

Players can expect me to be very reachable, I enjoy talking to people from all walks of eve life and learning their stories. The goal of the CSM is to bridge the gap between the players and the devs and I hope to do that to the best of my ability. I intend to be an advocate for wormhole space and her many denizens who have a deep passion for the game and their home.

I am happy to talk with anyone about my intentions and goals. Please feel free to message me on the r/Eve Discord, TIS Discord, or the Praise Bob Discord.


What are your main concerns for jspace as a whole?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in high class space?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in low class space?

In my experience, capital ratting is not the vast majority of the wormhole isk sink. A massively disproportionate amount of the isk generation comes from wandering battleship fleets that can clear high class holes of sites in an hour or two. Whereas capital ratting typically requires full setups of a fortizar and is relegated to a single system and its sites, the wandering roaching fleets simply roll their static when they are done and keep ratting. This results in monthly isk generation 10x higher with minimal risk. If attempts are made to catch these fleets they will micro jump away from the site and warp, leaving a single battleship behind if they must as that is all that is scrammed. They then leave through their return hole and it will typically roll behind them. Contrast this with the 40b+ investment of putting multiple dreads in a site that tackle themselves for 5 minutes at a time and you see a massive risk/reward disparity.

Edit: response to question 3

Dealing with a single person making use of game mechanics is a theorycrafting question, not a csm one.


My main concerns for jspace as a whole revolves around incentivizing active gameplay within the space and encouraging more people to experience it or live there. I believe that wormhole space has a very dynamic risk/reward payoff and that more people should use it. It has a diverse ecosystem of corporations where every member truly matters.

The recent rolling changes were a major step in the right direction for high class space. But I think one of the major changes that wormhole space still needs is some love given to PVE. Right now the wandering battleship fleets that are commonly seen represent a massively skewed risk/reward dynamic as typically it is vastly more isk efficient for the fleet to leave the single ship that is tackled by the site behind any time they are under threat. I think that more risk is definitely needed for these kinds of setups. Or at least creating situations where they are more easily caught by hunters.

I think low class space could also use some love for their PVE. Right now C4 sites are virtually worthless to run compared to C3 sites which provide better isk/hr at less risk. I think reworking of how some of the sites spawns are set up and maybe some tweaks to payouts may be needed. I think the incoming industry changes are also very good for low class space as the gas harvesting will be integral to the eve economy moving forward and has a very low barrier to entry, allowing more people easier access and more of a reason to move to the space.

The last time an HK member was on the CSM, that person had leaked confidential CSM information to the benefit of HK and had gotten permanently banned because of it. The leadership of HK has not changed largely since that incident. How can we be sure that you will not succumb to similar internal pressures as Noobman and breach the trust of the position?


The leadership of HK has not changed largely since that incident


I suppose I could give vouches that I do stand by my word and do my best to be honest, or point out that as it did for him it would permanently tarnish my name, which is a name I also use in other games and that reputation could bleed over. But fundamentally I think the strongest argument I can make is that I do not agree with risking any of that, I want to run for CSM because of my love for this game and I wish to see it grow. But to do that properly I would actually have to included in the game, potentially getting banned for leaking something doesn’t seem even remotely reasonable to me. I don’t think any reward would be worth that.

The mighty beans were the worst corporation to ever grace highclass space. Discuss.

As the founder of beens how will you offer reparations to those who had to take in shell-shocked refugees after the inevitable failscade?

Will you publicly commit to have Sharo permanently banned from praise bob for his war-crimes in not fueling the structures?

What side do you fall on in the current internal strife at HK in regards to the bill on the banning of vargurs for nano?

Will you be launching an investigation into the fraudulent misappropriation of isk to one “Beter Boonlight” in the Einstein-Rosen Brigade eviction? When inevitably found guilty will HK be evicting the residence of P. Boonlight, 42 wallaby way, Sydney, Serbia?

  • need nerf drifter cost from 300 to 200 and increase cost per avenger (30-50kk)

  • and summon avenger near capital and don’t summon avengers if capital more far than 150-200km from green dot



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How is cap ratting a menace? Seems pretty easy to deal with. Caps are stuck in a site while in siege so you just kill them.

The real menace are the 17man sub cap fleets that jump into a c6 hole from a c4 and run every site they find. They aren’t catchable and have the exact mass to close the hole they came from so they can’t be followed. They are already in warp to their return as soon as they even see someone login.

Ratting is about risk vs reward. Cap ratting is big reward but also big risk. The problem is subcap fleets making even more isk but with nearly zero risk.

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bring back multiple cap booster fax

  • What is your actions plan to delete C4?
  • if C4 is deleted should C5 become the new C4?
  • If so, should we again delete C4?

Can confirm, the mighty beans lowered the cumulative IQ of every hole they rolled into. That being said I would not trade the friends I made there for anything.

Considering how widespread the infestation of former beans is, I feel like it would be easier to find the few corps not infected and congratulate them on avoiding it.

Sharo for permanent ouiji mode, and should be relegated to his own channel to shitpost into oblivion.

Vargurs are the true king of all nano. This is known. Unfortunately due to the sheer number of HK vargurs we will soon need a rotating schedule of who flies vargurs and who flies tackle. No other nano ships are necessary.

The investigation was completed this year and all misappropriated funds were re-appropriated and will now appropriated to meaningful use.

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Last year Loroseco stood as the “Wormhole Candidate” and narrowly missed out on a seat on the CSM. The vote transfer from candidates standing for a similar cause (e.g. ExookiZ) was significantly less than would be expected. Many have speculated that this is due to the political situation in wormhole space surrounding HK, the corp both yourself and Loroseco are in.

Point is, the wormhole community is small and we need all of it to get a seat on the CSM. Regardless of where you stand on the HK debate, there’s no doubt a platform built around it will cost votes that are needed to secure a seat - as it did last year.

I think the unfortunate truth is that any candidate standing as a wormhole representative with the HK ticker only serves to split the vote and ensure we don’t get representation.


Ultimately I will have to stand on my own merits as a candidate and I believe I would be able to do good things for the community as a whole as a CSM member. I want to be a wormhole candidate not just an HK one, I have lived in high class, low class, thera for a bit and all places in between and I think my knowledge and experience coming from that would give me a good base for helping all of wormhole space to grow and flourish not just one particular area.

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Noobman was elected to CSM as an HK member at a time when HK were far less popular than they are now.

I’m personally of the opinion that if the “wormhole community” wants to shoot itself in the foot and not vote for the best candidate due to a dislike of HK then I won’t lose sleep over the lack of representation.

I’m not suggesting Orin is the best candidate, just that he should be judged on his merit, the same as anyone else. I’m in the same corp as him and I won’t vote for him unless I personally think he is the best candidate.

I think we have done better in the last 12 months without a “wormhole CSM” than we did in the 12 months before that with one. Phantomite seems to have done a bang up job despite not being a wormholer. Personally I just want as many people on the CSM as possible who understand the game and want to see it improved.


I’m voting for anyone who wants to do more for J space!

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And I was accused of doxxing?! I cry foul!

What if HK wants to shoot the wormhole community in the foot and not vote for the best candidate due to that not being someone from HK?

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