Nobutadas Amur for CSM 15

Your Eve Online Story

I started eve back in 2016 with 2 friends. After 2 weeks, it was just me. I found myself wanting something to do, and was told about the magical Isk earned in wormhole exploration. So I fitted my probe, jumped into wormhole space, and found myself pointed and in a strange orb (A bubble…). A few days later, I found myself in the wormhole corp of those guys that killed me. Over the course of the past four years, I have enjoyed my life in wormhole space, bouncing between my PvP character and my Isk making characters. To feed my PvP addiction in wormhole space, I explored, ratted, huffed gas, mined, ran incursions, ran missions, ran signatures in drone lands, market traded, did industry and reactions, and jumped into the abyss. I’ve hunted in wormhole space, roamed FW, flew through NS, died, and died again. I’ve FC’d evictions and NPSI fleets. And throughout all of this, I’ve loved my time in Eve Online. That’s why I’m still playing it 4 years later.

Areas of Expertise

PvE – I’ve been doing wormhole exploration (Probe/Combat Astero) for 4 years. I ran cruiser and frigate abyssal space since day 1. I was an incursion FC with The Valhalla Project for over a year. I’ve huffed gas and licked rocks (Spod….). Did level 4 burner missions. Hauled my PI. Performed market PvP (not in Jita). Made modules and ships and performed reactions in a wormhole. Ran a VNI alt in NS and did drone signatures in a Loki. I did FW and made isk from my LP. I lived in a C13 in a Confessor for 6 months. I hunted officers in NS. I even made Blackglass implants from the project discovery scavenger hunt. You might say I’ve done my fair share of PvE.

Wormhole space (Low Class) – I’ve been in wormhole space since 2016. I’ve lived in C2 space and C13 space. I’ve huffed my gas, farmed C5 space, ganked explorers and ratters, baited, FC’d, won fights, and lost fights. I’ve been on the offense and defense of evictions. I won’t claim to know everything about wormhole space. I’ve never sat in a capital, I don’t have extensive knowledge of evictions, I’ve never lived in high class space, and I don’t claim to have the expertise as someone such as Loroseco. However, I promise to always listen to my wormhole brethren and push for changes that improve wormhole life for all.

Small Gang/Solo PvP – FW, solo wormhole hunting, and nano gang NS life. I’ve also FC’d NPSI fleets through Spectre Fleet. I can only say I’ve had my fair share of combat. I’m not the best, but I’m not the worst.

Solo Play – I live a LOT of my time in Eve flying solo. I play a lot around 20:00 – 22:00 Eve time when player count is not as high. In wormhole space, I’m solo hunting. If I find a target, I ping the corporation. In PvE activities, I’m running them solo. Do I play solo all the time? No. Do I understand the importance of playing with others? Yes.

Why am I applying for CSM?

Because I love this game! This is the first game I’ve played for over 4 years. No other game scratches that itch and everyone reading this thread and voting for CSM knows that. We all want this game to succeed and I want to get into the mix and help be a part of what helps this game succeed.

Not enough CSM push for more exciting PvE. This is something EVERYONE does! (Unless they buy plex) I believe this game is severely lacking in interesting PvE and a strong integration of PvE and PvP. Why should we have to grind PvE for hours and hours just so we can join a fleet? Why can’t this be more enjoyable and instead of a grind, get to play the game for hours and hours so we can join a fleet?

What can players expect from you?

You can expect me to understand all view points from the PvP warrior to the PvE only player. I understand that every Eve player is different, every Eve player has different desires in this game. And to make a game for everyone, you need to consider this.

I will work hard to survey players and ensure that all changes I push for benefit the Eve Online community as a whole. I understand that modifying one part of the game has consequences on all aspects of gameplay.

I have done code development and have a strong understanding of the limitations developers have. It will help push realistic suggestions for Eve Online.

Policy (Changes I’d like to see)

To preface this, I am foremost advocating for better PvE with PvP integrations as my CSM platform!

To discuss my policy, the first thing I have to talk about is questions I have for CCP.

  • Why aren’t the current graphics in the Abyss elsewhere!? Imagine if during the intro missions, new players got to experience graphics like that! Suck them into the abyss and now they have to escape! Something exciting!
  • Why is all new PvE “Kill things, get money?” Types of PvE we have that is not killing, mining, market, and exploration.
  • Why can you not recruit NPCs? One of the coolest moments in Eve was hearing about how another player became friendly with pirate rats and used them to gank new players. Why can’t I spend some LP to recruit a friendly NPC logi to help me out? Now we can run abyss with 2 people instead of 3. (Do NOT allow this for PvP ever….)
  • Why is it that if someone runs PvE they are gimped when it comes to PvP? If a ship that runs PvE was built for PvP, wouldn’t it be more likely to fight?
  • Why aren’t there more ways to do PvE and PvP at the same time!? I love both! Besides people who get there isk from Plex, everyone here needs to do PvE to be able to PvP. Why not combine them? FW tried to combine them with LP for kills. And when I’m going relic hunting and have an epic showdown with another astero, it gets my blood pumping while I’m making isk. The Abyssal arena is one of the coolest ideas where you HAVE to PvP (barring someone shows) to get your isk. “Yo dawg, I put some PvP in your PvE so you can Pvp while you PvE”

Next, I need to think about, why do people PvE?

  • Money for PvP
  • PvE player
  • Community (See incursions)
  • Making Isk for the sake of making Isk
  • Experience new things in Eve (Trying out new PvE ideas)
  • Nothing else to do (Aka no PvP content to be had)

Ideas – Next comes the ideas I have to remedy this. All ideas will need to be iterated on!

  • Extend Abyssal Space – Make new sites that are glorified dungeons. Why only 3 rooms? Why not more rooms that branch and have dead ends. Have boss rooms, more mechanics to open gates besides “kill everything in room”, special exits that cost resources, and NPCs that scale with number of people in your fleet and types of ships. Now add some PvP risk, an alarm system that when triggered allows enemies (players) to invade. These enemies can spawn in any room and are friendly to the NPCs. The player can choose to run, or risk it for the Isk.
  • Distorted Signatures or Anomalies – These signatures/anomalies will destroy your DSCAN and Local chat (But others will see in). When an enemy lands on the gate a warning will be sent to the player inside. The NPCs will then disrupt the player and parlay. The player can choose to accept this parlay: the NPCs stop attacking, but the player is disrupted. If the player kills the enemy player the NPCs reward the player and warp off. If the player doesn’t accept the parlay, they can clear the scrams and run.
  • Extended Abyssal Arena – The cruiser v. cruiser arena fights are interesting. Allows 1v1 cruiser fights with PvE rewards. However, a 1v1 cruiser meta becomes stale. Why not team fights? Why can’t you call for assistance? Why not a 1v1v1v1? Iterate on ideas! Make it better.


Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to discuss my platform!
Discord: Nobutadas#4321
In Game: Nobutadas Amur


What do you believe the role of CSM is in the development of EVE Online?

The main role of CSM is bring a new prospective and insight to the development team to encourage changes that are beneficial for Eve Online, be these changes to old mechanics or new features. They do this through their own ideas/opinions as well as through the voices of the players of Eve Online they represent. Through this, the CSM members make suggestions or bring up concerns to CCP to encourage changes that would positively impact as many players as possible while minimizing negative impacts. Each CSM member has an expertise and can be more influential and knowledgeable about specific activities in Eve Online. This is crucial due to how vast and feature packed Eve Online is.

One of the first things I think about as an example were the HIC mass changes. When those changes were announced, it was brought to CCPs attention the negative impacts that would have on rolling wormholes. Now, I’m unsure if it was Reddit or Forum threads that first alerted CCP of this negative impact or another person, however, it would be the CSM’s job to either come to this conclusion or listen to the players on the forums to pass this information onto CCP and encourage CCP to address this issue that would negatively impact a subset of players.

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So which is it?
Is it CSM’s job to suggest changes to CCP, or is it their job to just forward Reddit ideas to CCP?

Gentlemen, you’re getting carried away and the Role, Functions of the CSM are clearly laid out on the Council of Stellar Management Website.

The role of a CSM member is to represent the players in the ongoing development of EVE Online by providing analysis, sharing suggestions, and giving feedback based on the ongoing community discussions and concerns to CCP. As an elected representative, a CSM member will have clear communication paths with CCP and a chance to influence the development of EVE Online many times during their term.

Input on Development
Generally, CCP wants to work with the Council of Stellar Management in 3 major ways:

  • Getting feedback on EVE development priorities and long term roadmap
  • Discussing ideas, theory and design approaches for potential EVE Online features
  • Getting feedback on features in active development

I will note that CCP expands on these points at the above-linked website. Suffice it to say, any ideas brought to CCP should be couched as a humble suggestion or plaintive request, and framed within the business drivers that address the problems CCP is trying to solve. This will help to ensure that when they look at the cost of developing any new requests that they can justify the spend to accomplish it.

If you charge in like a bull, with hair-brained schemes from Reddit or the outlandish demands of the vocal minorities in EVE, you’re likely to be told to sit down, or at best tolerated with a silent nod and smile.

So which is it?
Is it CSM’s job to suggest changes to CCP, or is it their job to just forward Reddit ideas to CCP?

First off, a CSM member should never just forward Reddit ideas. You are a representative of the players. You should get feedback from all different resources out there and digest the recommendations. But if there is a suggestion I’ve seen there, or on the forums, or through other community groups that I agree with and believe would be for the betterment of the game, I also shouldn’t ignore it.

On top of that, as a CSM member you have the opportunity to share suggestions with the development team. If you believe you have an idea that would be for the betterment of Eve Online, it would be your responsibility to share that during the appropriate time.

Jurius, thank you for your feedback. I know personally, I do have strong opinions about certain features or things I believe would benefit Eve Online. However, I recognize that not everyone shares those same ideas. I can promise you I don’t plan to take “hair-brained schemes from Reddit” or “demands of the vocal minorities in EVE”. Each idea I’d have the opportunity to present to CCP would be thought out and fleshed out through myself and input from other Eve players.

Becoming a CSM and demanding “CCP! Make PvE better! And do it this way!” would be a waste of every ones time. It wouldn’t address why they should make PvE better, it wouldn’t address why it should be done that way, what the benefits are, what the drawbacks are, it wouldn’t account for development time, and it wouldn’t account for ROI from CCP. These ideas and benefits would need fleshed out more before bringing it to CCP, and as you said, as a suggestion. At the end of the day, it is up to CCP to decide what they want to implement.

Thread locked at request of OP due to withdrawal from CSM application process.