Collection of CSM 16 Candidate Information and Interviews

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The CSM is very important and I have spend over 50 hours bringing you content to help you become informed. Here is a collection of the interviews and information myself and others have made this election season. If you have any other information please link it in the comments

Voting from the 8th to the 15th

All Candidates interviews I conducted: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Full Playlist:

My Ballot

DTMs Coverage:

jurius Doctor,

White 0rchid,

RonUSMC Twitch

Riech514 Twitch

CSM Royals Rumbles


2 Twitch

3 Twitch

CCPs Official Coverage

Day 1: CSM16 Candidate Interviews - Day 1 - YouTube

Day 2: CSM16 Candidate Interviews - Day 2 - YouTube

Day 3: CSM16 Candidate Interviews - Day 3 - YouTube

Day 4: CSM16 Candidate Interviews - Day 4 - YouTube

The <10 Podcast

Stitch: If you don’t know now you know(feat.Stitch K) - Episode 44

Suitonia: Jr Game Devs Feat. Suitonia:Episode 46

Eve Online - Who I am voting for in CSM 16 and Why Eve Online - Who I am voting for in CSM 16 and Why (IRL Commentary) - Megathron Scope Skin Giveaway! - YouTube

NosyGamer - The Nosy Gamer: Thoughts On The CSM 16 Election: June 8-15, 2021

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“The csm is very important”, source needed. With CCP hand picking & flat refusing CSM members the whole thing is all rather pointless.

We the players actually need an option where we can preferentially vote for no csm member. If that vote makes the cut then that chair is permanently removed. Then next year & next year till CSM goes away.

You don’t need a csm when you have an open forum anyway.


Suggesting such a thing gets you labled a “conspiracy theorist” by the way. I also vote for none of the above.

It’s not a conspiracy when ccp year upon year does this. I thought this year was the worst so far with 50% of candidates being struck off?

In another thread I had audacity to question the program. The CSM is not a good steering committee despite their own delusions.

I’m no fan of the CSM as a concept. It was once created for the wrong reasons and then quickly turned into the exact thing it was created to fight against: Some groups getting special treatment and gaining a knowledge advantage over others through contact with CCP.

I’m sure they had some victories but at the same time I’d much rather just NOT have it at all. On top of that this whole idea that CSM members run with a certain perspective or program doesn’t really work as they have zero control over what happens or what CCP is going to interact with them about, the one time CCP is interested in something that CSM member was chosen for they probably won’t listen anyway.

Stop making some players more equal than others, stop feeding certain groups more information than others.

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Thanks for all you did @Ashterothi .

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Don’t feel like endorsing any of these strangers, is it too hard to provide their real names? I mean if they are applying for CSM we should need to know this and at least their country of residence, and tell us a little more about their personal life, otherwise, why apply? Also don’t feel like accidentally supporting a possible sex offender, each candidate should provide proof of a clean criminal record. thanks.

I’m currently in prison, and I find it offensive that you wouldn’t vote for me. My illegal activities in real-life are in no way a reflection of my in-game activities.


Candidate CSM Princess Aiko



Bit of a controversial take here but imo stuff that’s not relevant to the game should stay out of the game. Went to prison for robbery at age 20? I don’t think anyone in eve needs to know about that for the purpose of your CSM campaign. Sure, CCP cares, but its none of our business to know very specific and personal details about someone just cuz they wanna gain power in an internet spaceships game

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While I think the entire CSM as a concept is a scam originally implemented by CCP to distract the players from their shady goings on, I believe that their are some legitimately good and caring people running.

So I voted. Seven times. For the same guy. A guy who’s proven himself to be someone wanting to increase the retention of new players by helping them get through their first few weeks. With honey. Not vinegar as most seem to preach.

Keep up the good work, Mike.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

several of the CSM have revealed their names in some point… Brisc is a fine example. His real name is all over the place. CCP has their real names, but I think only the actual CSM has the option to reveal their real names. @Brisc_Rubal can you clarify that?

if you say
low sec
faction warfare
you have my vote

The rules were changed a while ago - in the last the real names were published, but they don’t do that anymore. Folks can remain private if they want, but we all know each other’s names, for the most part.

Also, thanks to Ashterothi for all his hard work this year. I’m sorry that the same crew of whiners are messing up your thread, it at least they bumped it.

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Not even sweating it a little bit my friend. o7

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I don’t vote, never have never will, but good luck to anyone who takes his CSM position seriously.

Just sex offender? That means you’d support a murderer, a thief or a terrorist. How shameful of you.

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