Mantis Akiga for CSM 16 - Watercolor spaceships are real

Started playing this game in 2016 just for fun (you can also know Mantis as “Saya Kanzaki”). For now it’s… a part of my life (I’m smiling but it’s not a joke).
I’m very interested in helping and communication, EVE is very, very social game. And I love our communities, where I met so many interesting people.
My story will be short: from 2017 I was in small Russian wormhole community. I remember our funny flights and when I learned about this game… with them.
From 2019 I live in nullsec with Russian-speaking alliances (MIDAS 22 and Red Alliance). For now I’m one of “little helpers” for our community. Yes, you can remember my cynos.
And also I’m novice watercolor/CG illustrator, trying to paint spaceships (but it’s very hard, when you paint only flowers all your life).
Why I’m applied to CSM? I respect everyone in this game (my friends, my community, my enemies), I want to help with their problems, questions… and also I want to communicate with CCP too! With new ideas and anything else. I want to beat with “bad behaviour” as RMT every day. And I’ll try to make more EVE-related arts.
I’m not famous person but I hope to be very nice for all communities. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m so sorry, this text so short. Have a nice day! o7


Was not playing eve for quite a bit of time already, due to my IRL stuff and other medical reasons. Gonna vote for you tho! You love this game and I know it. Thank you.

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good luck ! Remember, you can always reach out to me for some face/stream time :slight_smile:

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Eeeee! Good luck in your endeavors! My wing is with you!

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Mantis Akiga Мой голос с тобой, Мантис, желаю удачи! :slight_smile:


смешно и грустно.


Thank you too! I hope you like my (art)works! :slightly_smiling_face:
This game is ART!

Thank you! You can contact me anywhere if you want, I’ll be glad to participate on your streams!
Sorry for yesterday, I was very sleepy. :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ll repeat, this game is art, and we are the artists of our gameplay!

Спасибо!! Я очень рада, что вы со мной! :slightly_smiling_face:

Зато у тебя есть лопатка! :wink:

Then why am I always found to be chewing on the crayons?


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I’m really happy to present you additional content of my campaign (because I applied to CSM too late and my text was free-writing… and without artworks, yes)!

Every day I explore this game (for five years?!), every day I’m so happy with new content because… you are content-maker! And me too.
This game is ART, and we are the artists of our gameplay!
I’m interested in most different aspects of EVE like exploration, industry, other PvE content and a little PvP. :sweat_smile:
And also I like to help anyone! I want to help CCP in game discussions, with new content, with ART content in future!

I met so many people in this game… and new friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sometimes I do some pictures in traditional media, some of them are EVE-related…

I’m not professional artist (I’m not an artist, just trying in stock illustration like flowers or cats) but I hope to improve my skills in EVE-related content. :muscle::woozy_face:

And sorry for my English, this text was free-writing again without any translator.
I hope you like my works! :woozy_face: :ok_hand:
Feel free to ask me any questions! And please respect each other! :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:
Yes, I hope you like cats. Have a nice day!


Whre can we see you art?

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On Behance I think. :sweat_smile:

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