CSM, Naari Naarian

so thats your only example? Its bs then.

What proof? pictures? ids?

Or did he just say so? I suspect you did not treat him in the same way you did, which proves your a liar, and intellectually dishonest.

Where is the proof for others?

This establishes that people reveal themselves by personal desire, not mandated requirements, which btw, i have found no evidence in ccps documentation that we must gie away our information as csm’s.

Yep, but there is nothing required anywhere saying i have to tell you my name or share my identity with you.

I concede that part to you.

It does not change what you have presented to the forums, your outward attitude towards those who disagree with you or you refusal to back up any of your claims, in game or out of game.

The evidence you have presented to the forums is that your are a liar and that you don’t deserve a seat on the CMS.


I have no issue with people who disagree with me. I do have issue with people who think its good for eve to run around slaughtering the noob and abusing them. From a business perspect, its insanity and no sane ceo would allow it. Which is why hilmar should be terminated.

Conjecture. Refusing to provide personal information, is not lying.

If they are a noob and they are being abused then report it, it is a bannable offense.
However EVE is a PVP game destruction is going to happen and no where is safe by design, the noob safety net is in starter systems once they leave that are no longer considered a noob.
For the health of the player driven economy ships need to be destroyed everywhere, not just in low and null.

You claimed to be a 2003 character after your first post said that you were a new player.

Your claim to be a null sec FC but your Corp advert is for a high sec hauling Corp that is not able to be war decced.

We have already tackled that “noob” is a broad term, and it depends on how you are defining it. I consider someone in this game for a few months a noob, ccp does not. Thus, what i consider a noob does not always result in a ban by ccps’ part.

ccp is to easy on this type of abuse, and as a result the game has suffered for it.

go pvp destructo in null or low sec. High sec should not be a place for that, and if i am approved for CSM, I will argue this point until its changed. Out of all of my positions, i believe two are of the greatest importance. The removal criminal actions in high sec, and the removal of super blobs in null.

Not true at all, and this demonstrates your lack of understanding of the economic structure of an mmo.

Isk needs to come in at a slighly higher rate then it go’s out (+/- 5%) because you want the economy to grow over time.

However, eve produces far more isk then it sends out, and as a result inflation takes place. This inflation is caused by excessive farming largely due to multiboxing and ccp not changing things like mining mechanics, or nerfing npcs to be immune to aoe dd’s which enable titan-multiboxers to do 600m/hr on each titan toon.

Null is the problem with the economy, not high sec. If you want to talk about fixing the problem at its source, this is where the topic should be in regards to the economy. Nullsec is highly abusive to older playerbase, and high sec is highly abusive to new player base and we need to step back and do some systems upgrades to various parts of eve to control these rates.

By shifting capitals for example into a capital vs capital ratting sites, we will help keep the game interesting and provide decent isk levels for those ships. The insane rates take place because of the capitals ability to slaughter in the masses, and for the same reason we have the issues of the capitals slaughtering players in the masses. Its abusive to the economy, and abusive to the players.

This however does not mean that buffing high secs income, or removing code and the likes will some how break the economy because the problems are not even from this area to start with.

Fix the problem at it source with the least amount of impact on the game and development resources as possible unless the system itself is failing causing lots of issues, they you deploy more development resources to create a design pass on it, and implement the change.

Then you will argue until you are blue in the face, because it’s part of the core of eve.

How long do you think it would take for the markets to become saturated with minerals from high sec? With no ships being destroyed in high sec, or even limited ships being destroyed in high sec the mineral quantity will go through the roof, the value of the minerals will tank as a result of it, if the ISK/HR is increased in high sec that would mean the cost of the saturated minerals will also be obnoxiously high.
How do you propose to maintain the players who have no reason to continue to play because the purpose for their play-style has been made all but irrelevant because of over saturation?
How will the noobs be able to afford a frigate that costs 10x what they can make as a 1 month old player because only a few frigates are sold occasionally because they aren’t getting destroyed as often.

Where is the risk for these ships? ISK generation in null is already a problem with them doing sites geared toward sub-capital ships. You already seem to know this and yet you in the same rant propose a way for capital ships to make even more ISK.

It will, you don’t see it because you don’t want to see it.
Examples of this have already been shown, like when mining barges recieved their initial balance pass, the amount of minerals on the market became extremely high.
If there is a place that ISK and minerals can be made in 100% safety the vast majority will use that resource to their advantage because of lower risk means more net income. Even at a lower ISK/HR if i don’t lose a ship I make more than a higher ISK/HR but lose a ship here and there.

We don’t need more isk faucets

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Mittens as another one. There is more written about Alex Gianturco than any other player and possibly more about him than all other players combined.

Xenuria is another again. A lot of personal attention has been directed his way in the form of “a friend of a friend of a friend said…” stories and mud sticks. He’s copped a lot of mud, through his own videos also.

However, in your case, there’s not an interest in providing personal attention, but in ensuring that you are morally and ethically, someone who can be voted for. Currently, you fall leagues short of what is needed to honestly represent anyone because there are too many lies and contradictions that you yourself post in these forums.


Another lie.
Your just overly obsessed with me because your desperate to stop an real beneficial change in this game, and it pathetic. 600 votes coming, lord of light willing.

you sound just like the smug, edgy, intellectual person i want representing me to ccp!! you can count on 601 votes now!!


You must be drunk, you have already called that a lie.

BTW it’s not a lie, people are going to want to know about you, not your character.

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you have some whacky out there proposals there bud, prolly get my vote just because everyone else seems like such a sheep.

But seriously some of those points jeez… what are you smoking?

to who? where are you reading this?
im reading here but i must admit i lost my glasses…

Yeah, but like many people that run for CSM, he fundamentally misunderstands the reason for the CSM’s existence. It’s not a game design group. It’s a feedback group.

It’s not about CSM members deciding what they want and then CCP game designers and devs taking the lead from that. It’s the opposite. It allows CCP to provide early access to ideas that they are thinking of adding/changing and see what players with broad experience think.

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csm’s feedback has been somewhat lacking for a long time imo in regards to really knowing whats going on out here and not what theyve been told.

i dont know where this guy is coming from, farmville i think.

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I get the distinct impression he didn’t get the job.

People that don’t agree are dev alts or children, lol, only two possibilities really.

Simply hilarious. You of course realise it depends on how you define ‘tackled’, right?

Please keep the Superbly Humorous Informative Triumphant posts coming, I’ve run out of funny reading materials.


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Your Character does not talk to the devs, you do.

Skills include the ability to listen, to think, to consider alternate viewpoints, to speak convincingly to the dves and the other csm.

The only ways your character counts as in speaking to your expertise on a specific subject.



An experienced games dev that plays eve would be a good intermediary between players and ccp, but if you can’t show that you’ve worked on the games you claim to, you may as well not have.

Same as your experience with the game. You don’t seem to have the knowledge of someone whos been playing the game for more than a couple months.


And yet i have alts who have posted on this forums, who are older then you. Strange how that works.

This below thread is an example of why not to vote for the OP:

As an example of how the OP is able to accept other views (not at all) and interact with others (poorly), this isn’t someone that should be representing anything.

Doesn’t seem to have the ability to represent anything other than his own beliefs, even when shown to be mistaken, so likely won’t listen to anyone else.