Death for CSM 18

My main points, for improving the game

  1. create a new bro place in Yulai. No ganking there. Safety’s only set to green. New bros will have the whole constalation to learn in, no ganking fear. Safe Place to learn the game.
  2. work with ccp to get subs prices lower, thru various means,
  3. 2 hour content, with in 2 hours you should have gotten alot of content, will create event sites that allow that, in all of space, null sec, low sec, poch, and wormhole
  4. making eve playable with 1 account. Currently it takes several accounts to earn enough isk to fly good ships.
  5. fix insurance. Pay out players in % minerals it cost to build the ship via a tier system . The highest level pays the most. This way you get accurate pay out on your ship. You can sell the minerals in the market or use them to rebuild your ship.
  6. path to forgiveness. Some players have made mistakes, if they are willing and ready to change their behaviors, we should welcome them back.
  7. use more resources to get the game out their. Get buds in space. Keeping them in the game.
  8. fix broken or dated mechanics. (missions, obsolete ships to name a example)
  9. help ccp expand and grow the game.
  10. bring back old forms of niche game play that no longer exist, lots of players have seen what and how they like to play, disappear
  11. help ccp earn money but not by having huge sub prices. Find more ways to help keep the server on, with out breaking the players bank.
  12. map adjustments. With so many empty systems, we need to make a change.
  13. trig invasion, let’s revisit that and start the next chapter in that story.
  14. make all of eve great again. . The rest of the members are wanting to make changes but those changes negatively affect parts of other space. Let’s make all space better.
  15. capital size event sites in null sec. Will be worth the risk to run them, however their will be risks that other players can get you with in reason. Again the risk will be worth the reward.
  16. let those looking for content find content and/or become content. Re work mobile observatory.
  17. new metas, we are in the right track with the hac changes and battle ship changes.
  18. give marauder back some ewar resistance. They are the top of the line sub cap. They should be op. 40% resistance is a good place for them to be at.
  19. seek cross-platform gaming. I played eve back in 2004 on a modded ps2. It only played eve online, again it was modded out for just eve online. We have eve browser based version. Their is no reason why we can’t Port it over to ps or Xbox.
  20. work with the devs and players in a constructive mannor. We don’t need to put each other down, we all want the same thing. I vow to listen, take ideas seriously. I will work my ass off for the players. I will make my self available for conversation should he players or devs need my input.
  21. fix the markets. No filiment. Make poch have an static amarr connection. This gives amarr poch stuff, and poch a Market. This should stimulate trade between jita and amarr, giving players more things to do ingame. .The markets cept jita are in terrible shape. This would fix that.
  22. curb risk averse behavior. Get the guys out there, make it worth while for them to do so. Making it so the roi on ships and what people lose is shorter makes more players want to be less risk averse. Think about it this way, if you can easily replace a ship, and it’s effort isn’t a long grind, your more willing to take a fight, in which you normally wouldn’t. It’s about the roi. Return on investment.
  23. sec fix. This is huge. Why in this game., if I shoot angels, or blood raider, or even if I shoot a player that’s part of a npc Corp I lose standings, but if I shoot things like a player in a player Corp, or if I shoot sleepers, or things in poch, I don’tose standings with them. This is a broken mech that needs to be fixed. If I as a player lose standings running missions, with angels, or while ratting, I should lose standings with sleepers if I shoot them. If I Pvp vs a player in an npc Corp like the scope, I lose standings with the scope. Which can effect the standings vs that faction. This is an unfair mech, we need to look at.
  24. fix or neft anblex gates. Look at our map, it’s dominated by null blocs. They can project power across space at a moments notice. This creates an environment that small gangs or corps can never hold, sov in null. A big power bloc just comes over and wipes them off the map. Look at the Chinese server it’s all controlled by one blue donut. We as a different server need to protect smaller gangs. Those small gangs are forced to either not hold sov or join a bloc, making more blue, less content. We need to enable small gangs to beable to hold and fight off larger blocs. Altering the blocs ability to project that power is what needs to be done. We can either get rid of the anblex gates, thus limiting their ability to control distant systems. This allows smaller gangs to inhabit that area, if the null power wants to kill that smaller group they should have to jump alot to get there. Those gates allow to fast of a responce time. Small groups get killed, can never get a foot hold. Thus empty null space. Thus less content. To make null great again we need to enable smaller groups to hold it, and prevent them from having to be blue to huge alliances and groups. To survive.
  25. limit the ammount of sov systems that can be claimed by entities. Weather it’s on the corp level or alliance level. Limits need to be put in place. We have large blocs that project to much power, limiting growth of others, thus giving them 2 options join by being blue. Or die. You can’t get a foothold in null with out having a powerful friend. Well, that ruins content. As then your blue to one of 2 of the power blocs. Their is really 2. Frt/horde. And goons. The next in line is alot smaller then either of those choices. Since they are so small, they really can’t make a difference. The 2 big boys will kill any 3rd group if it gets to big and can threaten their control. (we don’t need more blue) we need a bunch of smaller corps and groups in null sec.


I hate how you type btw.

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I cannot recommend death for CSM.

The lack of punctuation has convinced me that their own brain has suffered enough dendritic death itself.



Personally instead of Death for CSM I’d rather have death to CSM (as in the death of the institute itself not its members :wink:).

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Thank you for the clarification.

(1st against the wall when the revolution comes)




  1. What has CCP got correct?
  2. What has CCP got incorrect?
  3. What do you wish existed in-game that doesn’t?
  4. What exists in-game that you wish didn’t?
  5. What exists in-game that you think ought to continue to exist?
  6. What doesn’t exist in-game that you hope never comes into existence?
  7. How would you improve PI?
  8. How would you improve the entire corporation UI?

trust me you will be fine.

Thanks, I was in a hurry. But the problem in eve are real, and are correctly stated above. Bringing the sub price down and getting new bros in space, is very important.

Cool a real question, with Pi I would make it a one button, set it and forget it. Like a master button that restarts your Pi. So what every your Pi was set to last, (1 day or 1 week etc) it will automatically restart your Pi on every planet, (it would give you the option via checking box’s what planet you want to effect, it will have an do on all planet check box as well. ) this should make restarting Pi on all your planets less then 1 minute. More over maybe expand it to 12 planets.


You can view all the other candidates answers here.


Ccp has done alot of things correctly. They have given every player a place to play, poch, wormhole, null sec etc. They averted disaster when the player count got really low, they made mobile compression a thing, coupled with the mining changes has made eve alot better. I really love those changes, I feel They do a great job at trying to give everyone something to do. Faction war, that was a great update as well. The art team, wow such beautiful sights to see.

What they aren’t doing correctly is helping the new bud. We need to make a new bud area where they can learn, I mean really learn the game. I read stories all the time in reddit of people who like eve but hate they get ganked and never can advance anyplace. They quit after. They, ccp hasn’t done a great job for the solo players and their ability to advance in game. It usually takes more then 1 account. To save the game we need to get them in space, with a very decent ship, that can be replaced some what fast. all the while that player is using 1 account.

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Good question, I am glad you asked. Filiment, they make travel to easy. I need to go to jita poof I’m in poch, use another I’m some where by jita, making it so I avoided a bunch of areas of eve. The aniplex gates in null is another one. Those need to go as well. More over I feel the mwd then cloak, uncloak warp off needs to be changed. We need a game of content. Those ships shouldn’t be able to do that trick. Only a small number like 10 or less should be able to pull off such feats. Fix the mobile observatory as well, don’t let the cloakie camper recloak, make him become content. Do this by having him get a recloaking delay timer after being decloaked by a mobile observatory. The thing can lock on to cloaking frequency and prevent it from recloaking for like 5 minutes.

I hope that pay to win does not takes full effect and it’s just pay for the best gear and ships with real money. Experencing the whole game is important. Not just the pvp.

If elected to CSM, I will take all issues serious, and open a line of conversation between the devs and players. We all want this to get better. We can do it by working together.
Thank you for you cander. I hope that you enjoy the game, and remember to fly fun o7.

I want to make the new player experience a good one that reflects the real game. Maybe a site that new bros can practice in with out fear of pvp death.

How about this.

Each of the 12 starter systems have 2 systems attached to it. These systems are the noob training grounds. Only characters that are younger than 14 days have access to these system. Everyone else is not permitted. In these systems new bros are taught all the intricacies of EvE. And there is a kind of psuedo-market with pseudo-isk (no real isk permitted here to prevent market pvp)

After 14 days, the character and all of their assets are moved to a random highsec station.

If they leave the systems before the 14 day mark, they are never allowed back in.

The best way to keep new bros safe. A nice safe place from all the horrible eve players.


It’s not a bad idea, I toyed with the idea of limiting the ages of the new bro my self. I do see the other side, which is a guy create an account, plays a day, real life happens, comes back after a few weeks, and his 14 days for the new bro area is over. He didn’t get a chance to learn anything and then gets thrown to the wolf’s so to speak. I believe the new bro is the most important person in the game. He must learn, I see all the posts on reddit and other places. They keep trying, various things happen, but he gets one bad gank in high sec, he quits. As a regular player, I think those who also play alot have seen and heard those stories.

I don’t think the community as a whole is bad, I have seen many people reach back out to those new guys, who post I quit or reasons why I quit on the forums. Often they are willing to take them under their wing and in alot of cases will pay for their losses. Unfortunately, some of those guys never come back. They have had it. what I would like to do avoid is the new bros getting to that point. Yes some in the community don’t care, I know. On the whole tho, I don’t think this is the case.

Thank you Ax’l Thorne for taking the time to read and comment. If their is anything else we can talk about, or any ideas you might have to better the game, I want you and everyone to know I am here for you. I want the same thing you do. I will work hard for you, I will always make time for you as a player to come to me and talk about things, your important to me. Your thoughts and ideas matter. I feel together we can make eve better. Fly fun o7

I do not support you. You are not sincere. Get Real.