Nerfing Capital defense fleets

after using a cyno, you lose 50% of all resistances and reduces energy resource income by 20% for 45 minutes.
Capitals now consume 50% of their energy going through cyno

By energy, do you mean their Capacitor?

Because for someone who claims (in their CSM campaign post, mind you): CSM, Naari Naarian and also here:

“almost all of my history in eve has been in nullsec Sov Space. I have fought in many great battles, and been in many great alliance, and have even bee in leadership in a few.”

" I have been playing since 2003 and have countless hours played on this game. I have FCed for many well known alliances such as BoB and other major alliances. I have won countless battles as well in my EVE career."

You should know that Capitals already drain ~75% of their capacitor (depending on skill) upon activating their Jump Drives. Here’s an EVE Uni article about it, in case in your tons of experience FCing major nullsec alliance fleets like BoB, you’ve forgotten that this already exists:

Unless of course, you’re talking about some other kind of “energy” that capitals have. :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t mind the idea of a deterrent to dropping straight into combat.

But not 45 minutes. Imagine that in 10% tidi, 7 hours!

More like a couple minutes.

Hey Genius, the intent of energy consumption was to flat line it, removing the skill and the rest of the requirement.

The intent is to make the ship lose over all tank, making it more squishy. This means that capital to capital battles are more dangerous, and fielding them in blobs have potential of making the ships not as commonly used as subcaps, effectively forcing the capitals into major conflicts (with some danger being applied), and pve situations, and out of territorial defense.

and its 95% base, btw.


The intent of releasing some of the energy costs is so that ships will be fielded directly after a jump, with a heavy hit to effective tank, but having energy to bounce back from that. This has two effects, first, the ships are weaker for longer periods of time, forcing them to be fielded in a fight directly after a jump, due to time-restricted situations of home defense. You would not want to make the window for reduction in tank (and possibly damage) to be low, as that would just mean they would jump and wait it out.

Second, when we investigate the nature of larger scale combat, the “big fights” rarely take place out side of everyone being on the field to start with. Up until that point its usually smaller 200-500 player skirmishing in sub-caps.

I think we really need to define the role of capitals. Personally, i thin they should be out of the playing field of sub-caps, completely defenseless to them so they are dangerous, but i would settle removing the massive defensive advantages, and applying small offensive disadvantages to help balance the power shift of larger entities (alliances, and coalitions) verse smaller ones.

having less energy consumption after jumping, in addition to a reduction in over all resistances, and hp would make the capitals super squish, which means that baiting for bomber fleets would be possible.

My intent here is three fold

  • first to remove defensive power from capitals
  • second to encourage equalized capital to capital battles by increasing danger factor to capitals when fielded for offensive/defensive hotdrops
  • second to encourage stealth fleets and their identity.

Additionally, this would help validate a form of game play long sought after by players, but really struggling to be a valid form of game play.

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