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Self-aware Adaptive AI is not economically feasible for game developers at this time. At this point in time the best we can do is set up the ai to react to an situation, or a set of conditions. This is far from the point of players, and their ability to think and make choices based on their desires, something ai’s generally lack at lower levels.

As a result of the loss of this self-awareness, we often just empower ai with lots of stats. This is the case of eve. So Yes, ultimately increasing the damage by what ever amount , will result in deaths at some point. just a matter of testing.

No mistake.

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What on Yulai are you talking about? Read my post again because you completely missed the point of it.

Yup, we love our simulator. I’m not so sure about the “blinds us as Eve players to the real truth”. It is obvious to some of us as Eve players that the second most important aspect of Eve (social aspect being number one) is about outwitting other players in just about any activity. Eve requires intellectual effort and lots of it. You seem to suggest to take the complexity out of the game, I suggest another game altogether if you don’t like this one.

The Complexity of the UI is a favorite theme for some. A complex UI for a simulator that lets players do quite complex actions in the game is as good as inevitable.

Does form (UI) follow function (game), or would you prefer function (game) follow form (UI) and inevitably dumb the game down ? The devs do their best to tweak the UI for our comfort, but the function is clearly the prime driver. Yes, there probably should be a revamp of the roles system, and better tools for bookkeeping for traders, etc. That’s what good simulators (like Eve) benefit from, a “complex” UI. That the game has lost its original feel of “engineers designed this” is good, but let’s not walk too far away from the original concept (the game is too big for that).

Eve and its complexity is not a game to everyone’s liking, just like WoW never was my cup of tea.

Are you not aware whom you are talking to?

Naari Naarian is a confirmed liar and abuser of rookie capsuleers. His very first post already was a lie, where he claimed to be a rookie begging for money. That post does not exist anymore, because he eventually deleted it. In all of his subsequent posts he claimed to be an ex member of BoB.

Ignore the first post and simply read the followups.

Here’s plenty of first hand evidence provided by …

An excerpt:

For example, take Naari Naarian. Claims to be a 2003 player, raising an Alliance of new players in highsec, yet he does nothing but scam those new players.

In less than a week for example, he sought donations of 7.25 Billion from a group of new players, to fund further expansion of his scam alliance and for secret projects that involve funding purchases for himself.

You’re very welcome.


thx for the heads up

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Fun Fact,

did you know an intelligence test was done between wow and eve players, and that the age levels of wow players is generally higher then eve? tomorrow after my weekly meetings will try to post it for reading here if i can find it.

The idea that remving Complexity from the game will some how remove your ability to out smart other players if expected, but unfounded. The option for choice, is often thought to only exist in complexity by eve players, but that is not true at all.

taking from the previous examples i have given here

Complexity : Every 500 of your max shields is converted to 1% resistance
Depth: +5% all resistance

In both situations you still have the option to create and modify builds to outsmart the other player. The only difference is, you remove the abuse of complexity where you might get more hp, and more resistance.

This could also of been granted by +5% all resist and +10% max hp modifier. If complexity and depth give the same, there is no difference, mechanically speaking.

This is example vital here, because this provides a keep example of the fact that you guys advocating for complexity, only want to abuse other players.

Why do we know that is true?

we know this is true because if you had cared and argued for the stats to matter, you would of done so, but you in fact defend complexity being in the game specifically for the same of complexity. Thus is becomes clear that many people playing eve are damaged goods, very likely suffering from serious personality or psychological issues.

The point is, You have two options.

  1. Admit you are here defending complexity for the same of abusing others, in which case your opinions about what is good for eve now become voided on the validation of what i said, that often people do what they want for self. If you are working on self, you are not working on other and your objective has been made clear that you are not trying to help eve become fixed.


  1. Negate from your position

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode @ISD_Buldath

Can you please deal with the off topic post from Solstice Projekt and issue account actions accordingly.

This is being spammed in every thread, its malicious and a direct violation of eula.

No it isn’t. It’s a public service. Others should be informed of the type of dishonest person you are.


No, its you trying to get me to quit, and its clearly not working. By the way, i will be auto-flagging the staff every time you post it where it does not belong.

These are not your forms to clearly run around like children because you feel the need to slander people with unfounded claims.

Either way, its well past the point of spam, or anything other then actual harassment.

So an intelligence test can discern the age of players?

I’d love to see the methodology involved in that test, assuming of course you’re not spouting shite and can actually provide links to the study.

This is being spammed in every thread, its malicious and a direct violation of eula.

Denial, it’s not just a river in Egypt.

No, that was two parts. Age metrics are tracked for both games. Wow has older players, by a few years, contrary to what eve forum trolls peddle about them being kids.

I did my job.
The ISDs won’t interfere, as they never did.

See you around. o/

Some how i doubt that, but if i need to launch another 5.2m viral google post about the lack of professionalism that is being conducted by ccp volunteers, i will.

You stated that an intelligence test was carried out covering both Eve and WoW players, then went on to say that WoW players are generally older than Eve players, thus conflating two very different metrics into a single statement that appears to suggest one is related to the other.

In other words you were spouting shite, again.

In relation to your confusing and poorly thought out statement I have 3 questions.
What did the intelligence test show?
What is the average age of an Eve player?
What is the average age of a WoW player?

  1. I defend complexity for the sake of players who like complexity. I also defend an existing game that allows players to outsmart others in ways that are not existing or allowed in other games. It makes Eve and its community unique. You are confusing complexity/breadth of the game mechanics (which necessitates a complex UI) with depth of the game (which involves social structure, player driven economy, ingame politics, metagaming, character behavior …), both connected via emergent game play. Just to be clear on the definitions here.
  2. Negate my position ? I balance between amusement and annoyance. Nope, not an option yet after reading your arguments.

Maybe the subject is too complex and you want the options reduced to two. I see a few more options. See what I did there ? I’ll go for number 14 and just move on.


Nobody cares. You are a liar and a fraud and a narcissist and we will continue to inform everyone of this fact in every thread you make. Flagging will not remove the truth.

Besides, according to your delusional theories I’m an alt account of CCP’s CEO. What would be the point in flagging posts if this is true? “Officer, I saw you speeding, now arrest yourself for this horrible crime”.

(TBH, the fact that I haven’t banned you from EVE entirely is proof that I’m not a CCP employee.)


“I have proof, listen to these numbers!”

Never actually provides links.

Oh naari, never stop failing to be important.