Cwittofur Cesaille

I can’t believe I’m doing this… so here we go!

Let me formally introduce myself, I’m Cwittofur Cesaille (pronounced Quit Toe Fur). Many of you probably do not know me, I tend to be fairly quiet and stay within a small bubble.

With that being said I have had the fortune to experience many aspects of the game, a game that I truly love to play.

First a little background on myself, I am a software developer by day and a glassblower by night. I love my dog and I take her everywhere I possibly can. I’ve been playing Eve Online on and off since 2005. I came back a few years ago and have been playing solidly since then.

In game, I run a small corporation which consists primarily of my own characters. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none, at least that’s how I look at it! I lived in Wormhole space for nearly two years and I enjoyed the times there. I have also experienced Null life, incursion running, and industry.

Having experienced many of the multiple facets this game has to offer I feel like I’m a good candidate for representing you. I listen, and I tell it how it is. I pride myself on being honest and assertive. In the end, I want you to enjoy the game as I do. I do not think of myself as a Politician, of any sorts, I get enough of that via real life. I’m much more of a talk it out person, I frequently have discourse with those who have opposing views in the game, it has been great to see things from other perspectives and adjust my own if they’re not correct.

I could write stuff until my fingers fall off, but instead of that, let’s have a discussion! What would you like to know about me? Ask here, send me an in-game mail or if you’d like we can schedule a time to have a discussion on my TeamSpeak server :smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot!

Take Care,

Cwittofur Cesaille


Grats on Application!

I am curious what your thoughts are on following:

  1. High Sec Mining
  2. High Sec Quality of Life
  3. New Events versus old methods of ejecting items in game (snipe attacks etc)
  4. Old Anniversary Gifts gone, unless you can afford to attend Fanfest Events, which 98% can not. - Maybe bring the Virtual Tickets back and allow those like the past?

:slight_smile: Thanks and be honest

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Thank you for your questions!

High Sec Mining is… to be perfectly frank, rather dull. The rocks are small, and any skilled group can rapidly chew through the entire system quite quickly. The advent of the NPC mining corps also caused the belts to be emptied quite rapidly also. I guess it’s meant more to coerce players into different play styles :slight_smile: I do think allowing the moon mining arrays to function in .5 space is a wonderful addition to the game, I think it’ll help smaller corporations to become more self-sufficient. I think High Sec is a great starting place for a lot of people, but I would like to see something shake it up and breathe some new life into it.

I see the quality of life in High Sec to be low key. There are some activities which make it enjoyable; for one I was excited for Resource Wars. Level 4 missions took forever to get to and I have yet to do them so I can’t really express my views on those. Mission running in general could use a boost, I’d like to see varying challenges to make mission play more enticing. On the other end of the spectrum; High Sec is pretty dangerous, especially if you’re the target of a war-dec or you’re flying a freighter through Uedama.

I like the new events, I think they’re a great addition. While I’m bummed that we don’t get Genolution implants, or free ships for having a subscription it makes getting a reward in a site more enjoyable to me. Eve can be very cutthroat and while it would be nice to have a better reaction to people sniping your sites, it’s always a good idea to have a PVP fit ship running them just in case someone is foolish enough to steal your stuff :wink:

I have personally never been to a fanfest, I’ve always wanted to go because I think it’d be a great way to meet other players. I think a virtual ticket would be a great idea, and if they did that they could tier rewards. For example, if you buy a physical ticket to attend, you’d get a really nice gift ::cough:: Marshal ::cough::, but if you purchased a virtual ticket you could get something still valuable, but not as valuable. That way you can still ‘attend’ while also getting a neat gift.

I hope I answered your questions! If not please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification :slight_smile:

Take Care,

Cwittofur Cesaille

You say that you will listen, but who do you listen to? What sort of connections do you have and what are your primary concerns with the game?

If you can make 3 sets of changes to the game, right now, which would you pick?

I listen to people I interact with, I read the forums, blogs, etc. I am particularly interested in opinion articles because I’ve found them to be very well thought out. I don’t necessarily post on here often, but I do consume.

Three Changes I’d like:

  1. Alliance Bookmarks, and making alliances feel more like a group instead of a container holding corporations. While Alliances for the most part are great, I think there could be more done better to make them feel more like one.

  2. Missions, the mission grind was arduous for me back in the day, I haven’t seen much of an improvement there. While I think Abyssal space is phenomenal, I’d like to see some of its mechanics brought to Missions to spice up their rather bland existence.

  3. The third change is actually somewhat coming to fruition with the Abyssal space. I’ve been wanting some new ships and weapon systems to play with. Since that’s already being implemented, I’ll choose something else. I’d like the in-game fitting window to have some more robust features which are currently not available. The in-game fitting is great, but I’d love to see some more granularity added. Have the ability to add/remove skills and levels, see stats when boosted, etc. It’ll never replace pyfa but it would make some of the last minute fits easier.

If you have any further questions or would like some clarification please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Take Care,

Cwittofur Cesaille

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votes from my toons casted

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