Agondray for CSM17

Greetings I am Agondray and I will be running for CSM17.

About me:
I started playing Eve after being introduced to it when I was in the military in 2005 when I was 20…im going on 37 now, where we had started community of pilots from a variety of soldiers. After leaving the Military I continued gaming in college doing incursions in 2013 and FC a Elite Armor VG fleet called BGH until it fell into inactivity. I’ve played in Empire, Low Sec, and Null Sec. I Left Null sec about 6 years ago after finishing college and Moving to Niger where I run a transport business, and now primary play in High sec due to connection issues. Other than connection issues giving me mandatory comms blackout, I’m usually found in both the English Help and Rookie Help channels. I also float around and join new industry communities lending my help by working with the community or joining with newbro groups until they are independent and fly out the nest.

In Real life when I’m not being a immortal space pilot. I was a Soldier in the US Army for 11 years before being medically discharged for overworking. Went to Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology and received a degrees in in Aircraft Mechanics, Avionics, and Drone Technology in 3 years. I moved to Africa after meeting my wife in college who was learning to pilot another aircraft and have been here for almost 6 years where i run a transport business and have nothing to do but play Eve a unhealthy amount when the wife is at training or working.

I’m a single account player, I’ve had alts in the past at points but lost interest in them making the game a 2nd job. I’m primarily into Industry, Mining, Research, and Various PVE which has included ratting, missions, combat sites. the only things in eve I haven’t done is Pochven and Abyssals, due to connection issues. I’m in a single player corporation due to my history of industry corps being awoxed. You’ll usually catch me in the English and Rookie help channels if I’m not busy with the other newbro corp and industry community I’m working with. Since I moved to Africa, I’m usually on about 16-18 hrs a day as Eve is the only online game i play, assuming the national network isnt down.

Your EVE Online story.
I started in 2005 moving around Gallente space where I immediately ended up joining a Lowsec group where I knew nothing about it or was taught anything about Lowsec operations, and moved back to Highsec. Having jumped around trying to find a good corp as I was starting out I ended up being killed by some of the corps with all I owned twice by the corp in a “corp move”. As I went on my search for a good corp I ended up having to train each corps skills for their fits, I ended up with way to many low trained skills that I couldn’t do alot, it was until 3 years after I started before I focused my training and could finally solo a Level 4 mission albeit slowly. As i finally started finding corporations I liked, I also found them quickly disbanding due to perma wars and constant Awoxing taking out whole mining fleets. As I continued to jump around which including Nullsecs being in goon space, Bob space, and alliance taken over by goons or BOB. I ended up back in Highsec drifting around from newbro corp to corp where I made my own corp and now just relax as that 3rd party wondering substitute teacher watching a game I love be led by pure misdirection if not completely lacking in direction.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

Highsec is where we all start out, despite that others think that want to get rid of Highsec, wanting starting points in Nullsec or Lowsec. The majority of active players, as well as the Trade Hubs that even the Nullsecs come to shop at are all in Highsec. Overall Highsec is mostly only used by the casual players, but Highsec is the Industrial and Trade machine of Eve. I have the ability of looking at the bigger scope of things which is needed with the changes, i want to avoid uber buffing or turbo nerfing something for “balance” which just creates a new meta, I want balance to be balance, a use for all ships/mods. I want to balance out Highsec in temas of PVP, PVE, and Industry. I’m a old soldier who’s on a mission, I worked myself out of the military and will probably work myself out of CSM.

Why am I applying for the CSM, and what can players expect from me?
Because I’m in the help channels so much I usually end up spending lots of time talking to Mike Azariah. He has expressed his concerns of wanting to take a break from CSM and possibly eve and I wish to carry the torch. We generally have conversations in help chats over helping new players and the different ways to do it. The NPE/Career agents still lack directions but the NPE is slowly being written to replace the career agents and we are unsure exactly what it will teach, players are the best way of New Player Retention in a variety of ways.

I look at things from many view points after taking in all possible information (which being in Military Intelligence and Tactical Operations has trained me for 8 of my 11 years of military experience) You can only make correct decisions after having all the pieces of the puzzle. CCP needs that one voice much like my LT COL and COL commanders needed, they don’t need a YESMAN despite what they think they want to hear, they need a a voice that will provide every option of how something can and will work, which we know past CSM’s have tried this. I’m always Approachable and provide great advice to many players, many times I will have convos from new players so they can ask more specific questions so they can accomplish what they want to do.

What can players expect from you?

  • I will provide as much feed back to CCP from the player base as possible, which will include written notes (more than 1 copy)

  • I want to provide as much Feedback to the player base as clear as possible as allowed by the NDA or Lack of Communication (something, we the players, desperately need) (also why do we have such a strict NDA when we have no competition on what is a glorious game and 1 of its kind?)

  • I want to push for a solid direction for the game from CCP, Ideally an expansion should have something for each sector of space and not some database changes. we just spent over 2 years getting database changes to be told wait for fanfest to be told you the players that make Eve, you get nothing but potential database changes in areas that no one asked for or has very little impact.

  • I am non-biased, I just want to see the game to do well, and to do that requires us all to do well.

  • The need to push ship balances, there should be a meta where 1 ship is over all better and the jobs of many ships and in the past this has just made a pathway to mass nerfing a group of ships making another ship the meta in its area. The only logistics you have between a easy kill on a Logistics cruiser is dropping a fax, you have the Nestor but it’s specialized for armor and cost a ton.

  • Push the FW rebalance. I don’t do FW but I live right next to FW, and the fleets of alts that come through my system in unfitted ships that some of the FW guys in my community kill or we have a FW group dump capitals in system to farm kills leaves the whole area feeling empty, along with its easy to switch teams or you just have a alt on each empire FW and away you go for the winning team.

  • I’m extremely active in Eve and easy to contact.

  • Address Citadel limits to reduce spam, making easier to kill is nice and all but 50 stations in a system is still 50 stations in a system as well as varying sizes, with the new Citadel update recently that means you’ll have cheap citadels no one will defend and just spam or large citadels that means way more ehp and larger fleets needed, its rare for the large citadels in Highsec to be taken down because most belong to large entities that can drop 1k+ pilots for defense.

  • The time I spent in Nullsec the release of the new jump bridge system allowed me to jump as often as i want as much as I want with only a small amount of isk based on my ship size, with enough blues we are back to the old jump bridge system pre-fatigue of jumping fleets across the galaxy in a rush.

  • Rebalance Incursions, the Trig Invasion reduced spawn counts by 1 and spawn times which ended up getting rid off several big communities as well as losing a lot of players from existing ones.

  • Rebalance Abyssal, while I cant do them, I do have a guy that comes on several hours a day doing T4 Abyssals and in a few hours he dwarfs any amount of cash I’ve ever made solo much less with fleets which could only be compared to that of my Wormhole days but done in complete safety aside from doing them in a ganker hotspot.

  • Rebalance ganking, make ganking actually lose something worth it. I’m not against ganking personally but it can be done in a cheaply made ship that you can even get for free because the career agents give them out for free so the price stays nice and low. I have some gankers in my mining system I have convos with and we can have great discussions. In eve we have to have destruction. Just going to Jita i can run past 3+ groups, more if im heading from Jita to Amarr.

  • Rebalance Warp Core Stabilizers…again, why? Because they have now devolved into a fairly useless module. Any pvper worth their water will have atleast 3 points of scram now for unbonused ships, 5 points of scram if they are hunting bonused ships. We have the Heavy Interdictor with its Infinite point that can be used making WCS worthless even after all of its nerfs it atleast still had a use and value. Ideally if its the idea of expense or using a larger ship when you want to get smaller or faster ships, why not make the Interdictor series like the Heavy Interdictor and allow it to use a new module for points? Allowing another ship to see more use while not making a module worthless.

  • Ore rebalance because even though I mine in a system no one mass mines in, I have huge asteroids that are only around 5km3 each, most times they will not exist beyond 2 cycles. I would like to see few asteroids but containing more per asteroid keeping it net neutral in the belt. As well as we need to push fixes for null sec belts. I lived in regions where all the asteroid belts where deleted and later only some were replaced but not by null sec ore, only by pyroxeres. which hurt both Nullsec ADM being a grind to develop to get anomalies, it glitched the pirates on to the gates, and made doing anything but anom or moon mining not worth the risk and EVE is about taking risk and being paid for that risk.

  • I will push player ideas after careful consideration and I’m highly active and will be at every meeting with feedback via forums and I hope to develop some videos discussing the feed backs, streaming is data intensive as I play eve on a hotspot from the Sahara Desert.

  • Push back against Microtransaction, while MTX is fine in all games to increase funding, it is what they MTX, there as to be lines. While I disagreed about the ship packs CCP has also stated its going to happen. Even though the stance has been changed to sourcing the ship and equipment from the players probably via the market, there are still implications between how this is going to effect the market? Is the RMT of ships and equipment going to effect the sales? Since they are going to do it anyways other than telling them not to I’ll provide options of based on Eve Community feedback and push for the cheapest prices possible, a ship pack should be of a higher value than what you could get for the same amount of plex.

Four areas of expertise impart on voters My 15 points

  1. Microtransaction and what is MTX’d 5

  2. Industry- don’t make it more complex/expensive via overcomplication 4

  3. Ship Balance- Give more ships uses 4

  4. Mining- Ore Rebalance bring Asteroid belts back that were deleted completely and less rocks, more ore in each for a neutral balance 2

Feel free to ask questions here, or convo me in game, I’m also in the Eve Online discord.

Vote for me for Highsec representation and to make your voice heard, I also want to understand why CCP does some of the things they do and address that back to the community.


Wow that got long just trying to address some things I feel + some other players concerns I see bounce around.

Hey Agondray, good luck with your run :slight_smile:


Agondray would definitely be a very valuable member for the CSM. His experience in and understanding of all areas of the game, and his dedication to help newbros as well as established players, make him the ideal candidate to represent large parts of the player base!


yeah no. i dont want more microtransactions squawk off

CCP are going to do them anyways regardless what CSM or you say, if you were paying attention to the Fanfest they’ll be holding a meeting with CSM every 3 months so there’s no other option. CSM can tell no all they want and they did for the retriever pack after the fact it was released without ever telling CSM “hey yeah we’re going to do this what do you think?” instead in went “no amount of fighting you do will stop us, and not only are we going to do it, we are going to make a whole program for it and have meetings with the CSM every 3 months” so you can recommend stuff that hopefully no one will buy or recommend stuff that might actually help since they have also said “the ship packs will be aimed at new players”.

By just telling CCP no, they will just do whatever they want anyways and go “we’ll the CSM didn’t have any input.” They will continue to add more MTX in the game and by you voting just no it’ll be “hey the players like the cash shop, they haven’t spoken against it” because for the retriever pack CCPs reasoning was “well the destroyer packs show there’s a really big appetite for ships in the cash shop”

Me and many other players are against them and all we can do is tell new players that they will be aimed at is it’s a bad idea. I would think if they are doing it regardless it’s better to curve what they do and not let them have free reign.

PS I’m an industrialist and a cash shop of ships craps on what I build.

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Having visions of the E9 and CW5 turn to look at each other, then bust out in laughter at the LT Col and Col’s plan.

Do like the thought of someone who isn’t a part of a large corp (or mega alliance), and who is based in HS, at least trying to get CSM.

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I am fairly new to Eve, yet another “Pandemic Refugee” who started playing during the lockdowns.

I met Agondray after a frustrating month of ganks, demands to see my “mining permit” or “emigration papers”, failed attempts to explore LS and all around pretty uphill climb to wrap my brain around the realities of Eve.

Agon picked me up out of Pahkshi and said “C’mon, follow me, I know some pilots you’ll probably like to meet.”
17 jumps later I joined my first corp and thus began my career in Eve.

That corp died after the CEO vanished but when the remnants decided to start anew, Agon was right there, answering questions, giving advice and once again supporting and encouraging new players to keep trying, keep playing and keep learning.
As our little band of merry idiots have stumbled through the early steps, Agon has been a constant source of information and support. Going so far as to recruit players for our corp and seeking out new opportunities to share with the unofficial Alliances we have formed over the years.

I believe Agon is a great choice for CSM. He will be an excellent liaison for players both old and new. I have turned to Agondray for advice and encouragement time and time again.

I strongly encourage everyone to support Agondray’s election. I know I will be.

Eve Mail sent requesting a CSM interview on behalf of Ashterothi. Looking to book this Friday - Sunday. Let us know if you’re interested.

Great guy, surprised yet very glad to see you’re running! I trust in you and definitely have my confidence/vote for CSM.

Brandon Plumicorn i think you need to re-read the post, you’ve missed the point :slight_smile:

yeah I liked working by my CW’s, they were basically NCO’s tired of the politics and went to warrent’s to do their own thing, most of my NCO’s were too high strung I’m sure some had ulcers.

I want us all to get a little bit of something and for both sides to have as clear as communication as possible to hit goals and accomplish missions.


The fact that you think ganking needs a nerf doesn’t reflect well on your understanding of the game. Then on top of that, you also want to make one ship better than others, which reduces meaningful player choice, and also buff WCS, because… PvP avoidance isn’t already easy enough?

No thanks.

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