Doris Andedarie for CSM 14

Hello Capsuleers from many lands,

I am Doris Andedarie. Born out of Old Man Star rear end. I play in the Asia time zone but i am practically on 23 hours a day to play with the finest members of Eve Online - US, Europe, Russia, CIS, LATAM, Asia, Australiasia time Zones.

Who am i?
An industrialist.
A ratter.
A Miner. (peaceful mining rock ‘music’)
Role Play follower/peasant
FC/PVP pilot
Yearly Santa isk giver @ Jita and Amarr
Fund / asset raiser for corps (new and old - with no strings attached)

Many of you may or may not know me. But since the start of Eve online in 2003, i have been playing this game on and off due to various reasons but i always come back due to the strong comrades i have spent good years of my life with - Like many of you. I think i spent good amount of time on skype and discord chatting with friends about the game vs actual game play.

Apart from RL family, Eve Online group is also another family which i hold dear to my life.
I have spent good years with many big corporates in Nullsec, Lowsec, Thera, Highsec and lately Wormholes in both servers. Shout out to my friends and followers to encourage me to apply for CSM since we get only rare few opportunity in life represent something dear. One chance in life to do whatever you’re gonna do; to lay your foundation. To make whatever mark you’re gonna make. Prayers to all my real life eve pilot friends who are not here with us today and think of the good times we’ve had.

In this game, there are many salty Winners and losers - and its all about the effort we make this make this game as it is - from good to greatness. Effort is between you and the thousands of players who log in daily. Every day is a new day. Every moment is a new moment.

My goal in CSM14 is to focus

  1. Community Interaction and Synergy
  2. NULLSEC and WORMHOLEs game play
  3. Bot farms
  4. Accessibility/Help for Non-English Speakers players (include: Gender game play)

Direction>: It is not about the Ideas that we have but the action and follow up + journey.

In the last few years, CSM have brought many great improvements to the game and my goal is to bring the player voice to CCP; + players who were left behind by the great improvements.

In summary, my aims for CSM14 campaign:

  1. Community Interaction and Synergy
    Enhance the community interaction between CCP leadership + synergize all players into one unique voice via various medium

  2. Nullsec, Lowsec and Wormhole game play
    To name a few:
    Prevent mechanic stalemates and balance the game play between NS LS W Hole game play/warfare
    NS LS conflict mechanics
    Changes to Industrial related mechanics inside of wormhole space.
    Bounty Hunting game play

  3. Bot Farm identification and eradication

  4. Accessibility and Help all racial and gender players
    Non-English speaker player support
    Better CCP help-desk help in actual time zones
    Identify gender game style play

I am not here to make big promises to make CCP or CSM or your game play better; with a big stick behind my back. I’ve applied for CSM14 not for my recreation and disport but to be the link communicator between CCP and Player body at large (Main and foreign server)

How can you contact me?
IGN: Doris Andedarie
Discord: Dor1s#1839
Discord Channel:


I totally support Doris for CSM 14!! This Capsuleer brings 16 years of constant game experience at the highest level and has consistently demonstrated integrity and professional courtesy to everyone. I love the platform of topics proposed to improve Eve-Online experience for everyone.

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Surprise to see you for CSM, lowkey person sprouting out into the sun.

Всегда опирайтесь на мысль о том, что ваше собственное решение добиться успеха намного важнее всего другого. Не важно, как медленно ты продвигаешься, главное, что ты не останавливаешься lol )))

RedAlliance Brotherhood supports you.

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Great to see you making this move. Eve could only benefit from someone with your experience and sense of humor having a voice in the game.

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Capitan Sire

You got my vote. Long time no see. Visit chat someday

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Doris for 2020 Presidency

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Seen you in Hek. Friendly bump

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Give us free puppies and fix CSM system - you’ll get many votes


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Saw you in Eso, free bump for you

Thanks for EDU folks for meeting up and discussing.
And yes i have the SKINS now…muahaha.

wow what a boi, I would consider voting for Mr. Por1zz here,

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You want to focus on Nullsec, Lowsec and Wormhole game play but why not high sec? Particularly, what are you opinions on high sec ganking?

Say a playstyle you think is not great was threatened by CCP but you also knew that a decent number of people enjoyed that playstyle. Would you stand-up to CCP and protect that playstyle (and, if so, how) or think ‘good riddance’?

I wanted to put HS box too but the buttons limit me to just three choices.

I’ve been attending almost all Fanfest since 2014 and have discussed many topics with CCP.- recently in St Pete and eve down under.

Most CCP folks are open to different play styles but preference to remain neutral until the balance tips in favor for a large group - thats where they tweek nerf some rules. For example, recent tweak to wardeccs - this affect hundreds of pirates livelihood and playstyle - of course i objected to it with a pinch of salt to understand where CCP is coming in from.

CEO and Dev have mentioned many many times - Eve Online is unfair, tough and ruthless; Play styles come about due to Friendship and playstyles come in many forms for many members to survive in such harsh game - but they will step in to control / change rules for the benefit/better good for the game.

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