Jurius Doctor for CSM 14

Hello everyone,

I am a proud and vocal citizen of New Eden, and I am running for all of New Eden; for the community. It is this community which has kept me in the game and I’ve reached a point in my life where the best way I see for me to expand my ability to give back to this community is to join the Council of Stellar Management.

I started playing EVE in earnest almost six years ago, and quickly gravitated to teaching, leading newbro fleets, and creating memorable events for new players with EVE University. Since then I have become a YouTuber, taking the teaching of new players to a higher level by creating instructional videos with high production value in a concise, easy-to-follow format. Many of you will have seen my videos, or referred them to your friends and corpmates.

I also write for Imperium News, and frequently appear on Talking in Stations, The Open Comms Show, and the Mindclash Podcast. I have worked with Devs on developing ideas that help the community to grow, by making it easier for new players to pick up the game. I also report on the internal happenings of our large political bodies, though I often feel they receive too much attention while important parts of our community’s development go overlooked.

I am not ‘the NullSec ticket’, nor am I anyone else’s ticket. I am not backed by any of the big blocs. I am not ‘a safe bet’. I am here to run on behalf of the community to hold CCP and the Community to task. EVE’s retention is not CCP’s problem, it is ours; the CSM exists to counsel CCP on what they need to give us to make that job easier. I’m here to do that.

There are unexplored and novel ways to grow our community, and there are elements of game balance, interface, education, and game play which can be improved upon to improve the experience of all players. I want to be your voice on the CSM. Not your corporation’s, and not your leader’s; yours. I hold that I will be personally accountable to every request I receive, and I will gladly raise any good ideas brought to me by players to the CSM for their consideration, or work with you to improve how you can deliver these ideas yourself so that CCP will be more receptive.

Whatever you do, vote. And please, please use all of your votes. The elections of the Council of stellar Management work on a single-transferable-vote system. What this means is that, if the candidate you want to succeed doesn’t receive enough votes, their votes go to the next most populous candidate, and so on, until all of the seats are filled. So please, vote with your mind and your heart - vote for people you think will help to drive this game and this community forward.

I won’t tell you who to vote for, but I will say that I am voting to re-elect CSM Steve Ronuken, as he has done more for this game through his development of out of game tools and through his participation in CSM than very few others can claim to. I respect the hell out of him, and he always has my vote; for as long as he chooses to run.

Thank you.



Still miss this show.

Well, kudos to you on all you do for EvE community.

You seem like you might be an ok csm…certainly you seem to be enthusiastic about the game and interested in it’s well-being.

However, we differ on one significant point; Retention is CCP’s problem, not ours. CCP’s stiff-arming of the player community’s eager willingness to freely give of their own effort, talent, and time to improve the game for over a decade-and-a-half has been an incredibly wasteful blundering. Imagine what many Chribbas and Steve Ronukens could have done for the game - at no cost to ccp - had even a relatively small number of vetted EvE players been allowed access. One only has to look to open-source software to see what is possible. So retention is, as the expression goes, “the chickens coming home to roost”. CCP’s doing, CCP’s problem.

I will be watching your campaign with tentative interest. gl


Thanks for your feedback, and to be fair - and I mean this - Steve and Chribba and others have done a lot for the game at no cost to CCP. However, that is not to say that CCP doesn’t listen to these players (or to players at large) because they do. They’ve listened to me - though it’s debatable if that’s a good idea, LOL.

If you’re interested in following the discourse, also be sure to follow my Reddit thread.

Will you join the Faction Warfare Committee Discord: https://discord.gg/cSe6btF

Yes, and I already have. I am happy to be an advocate to the FW and Wormhole members who have been losing representation with some CSM members who are choosing not to re-run.

When you say you want what’s best for the community, just exactly what type of player group are you referring to?
There’s very diverse groups within this community, from New Players to Veterans, from PvP to PvE players, etc. The career choices available in this game are also very diverse, ranging from Trade to Combat, from Citizen to Criminal, etc.

What experience do you have that qualifies you to represent my interests and the type of gameplay I engage in?
I’ve been a very active member of the Eve community for over 10 years. I mainly fly solo but at times have also done fleet ops. I’m a PvE player in NPC starter corp but I’m not risk adverse. Even though I tend to spend most of my time in High Sec space, as an explorer / mission runner I still conduct my career choice in all sectors of space.

What is your viewpoint on Faction Standings pertaining to anchoring structures in High Security space?
The removal of player Corporations needing positive Empire standings has caused excessive proliferation of structures all offering the same services. The goal is to make ISK with them but due to the current amount of structures and the ease of anchoring them, that goal is very difficult for small Corps to accomplish.

What is your viewpoint on adding more content to the mission pool for solo PvE players?
Over the past couple of years CCP has put a lot of effort into creating group PvE content which has been mostly unsuccessful. I think that content would be accessed a lot more if it was scaled down and added to the mission pool for solo PvE players.

If elected to CSM, will you actively hold Q&A sessions with players via Forum threads?
Over the years there’s been very few CSM members that have interacted with the playerbase here in the Forums. Granted the CSM can’t actually direct CCP to work on specific things but they can relay the concerns of the playerbase directly to CCP, ultimately creating better relations between CCP and the playerbase.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably have some other questions later. In closing I’d like to wish you lot’s of luck and much success in being elected to CSM.


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DMC, I think I know where you’re going with this, but it’s not at all clear from first reading.

It looks to me like someone created a list of questions for CSM candidates and then you provided your answers as context to fill me in, so I can respond to your position. (Either that, or you fail at copy-pasta, and you copied someone else’s responses to these questions. I’m going to assume it’s the former.)

So let me answer your questions:

I am interested most in the players who are not yet playing the game, and those who are but are underrepresented. That, in large part, means new players and those in high-sec who get overlooked because the Null-bloc news element is so prevalent that - without vocal representation - high-sec mostly gets ignored. I care more about improving the experience of new players and getting new people into the game than I do about whether or not someone is screaming, “EVE is dying” or, “…but, cloaky camping.”

I have played in every region of space. I started in the game in earnest with EVE University, and have participated actively in all of their campuses at one time or another (high sec, low sec, null sec, wormholes - to a lesser extent). I have flown solo, in small gangs, in fleets, and participated in black ops and incursions. I have also taught all of the above, and have created EVE-focused instructional YouTube content to make it easier for new players to get into the game.

I live in Null, as a recruiter and teacher with Iron Armada, and we’ve fought against and for the Null-blocs and for smaller entities. We go where the fights are, and I’m strongly pro-PVP, in all forms. I am also very much an industrialist and cap builder, and there’s a lot of the industry game that needs love. More than industry, Low-sec needs love. It needs a lot of love. CCP needs to pivot and do a big pass there.

IRL, I’m an IT Projects specialist, and I’ve worked with clients from health authorities to small not-for-profits. I’ve sat in rooms where the cumulative salaries stretch into the millions of dollars. I’m not easily shaken and I know how to work with a room, and a cool head which can speak to power is needed in the CSM. I also think you need a personality that can sway CCP, and be willing to work with them to show them a better way if they come to the table with a steaming pile of hot garbage.

What is your viewpoint on Faction Standings pertaining to anchoring structures in High Security space?
I think the standings system is fine as it is, but I think the standings schema needs to the rewritten. Meaning, which gains cause corresponding drops in standings need to change to reflect the changes in EVE over the last 16 years. Also, emergent A.I. and new systems should be integrated more aggressively into NPC behavior. If someone like PIRAT decides you’re their new play thing, there’s no reason why friendly-aligned NPC pirates can’t come help you keep them from pushing your ■■■■ in.

What is your viewpoint on adding more content to the mission pool for solo PvE players?
I think with the removal of some cool content (COSMOS missions), there’s opportunity to take a second-look at storyline content, epic arcs, and lore development. Unfortunately CCP largely depends on volunteers, freelancers, and the community and they’re very selective what they choose to include in the canon. That, I think, should change. There’s a lot of room for cooperative development.

If elected to CSM, will you actively hold Q&A sessions with players via Forum threads?
If elected to CSM, everyone can do what they already do: reach out to me on YouTube, Twitter, Slack, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Email… hell, should I tattoo my coordinates on Google Earth so we can have coffee? It’s not like I make myself unavailable. Bring me a good idea, I’ll bring it to CCP. My door is always open.

I hope this answers your questions.


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Hi, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Yeah, I copy/paste those ‘Bolded’ questions so I can easily ask all candidates the same thing without having to do a lot of typing. The little statements I included with them is to add clarity and explain the specifics pertaining to that question, also to hopefully portray my position and viewpoint regarding those topics.

I basically liked most of your answers. However my last question seemed to aggravate you a bit. Personally I think utilizing these forums to get feedback actually helps in representing this community. I’m old school and quite frankly, I definitely don’t like the idea of visiting a bunch of 3rd party apps just to interact with a CSM member. There’s a lot of us old timers who won’t do that, especially when the Official Eve Online Forums are available for that.

Anyway, I wish you lot’s of luck and much success in being elected to CSM.

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I want the coordinates.

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LOL. Not aggravate. I’m just super sarcastic, and facetious to boot. I didn’t mean it as any disrespect, I only meant to say that I am eminently reachable and town halls run to the problem of people repeatedly airing the same issues that get aired at weekly public meetups, road events (EVE Vegas), and Fanfest. Namely:

  • Cloaky Camping
  • Fix Sov
  • Refresh Low Sec
  • Capitals are too powerful
  • Subcaps aren’t powerful enough
  • Get rid of/nerf Rorquals
  • Wardecs (less so, now)

I’d prefer to hear people’s ideas individually; it also helps me to assign credit where credit is due if an idea gets traction.

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Clearly Eve players are being used for their hard-work, dedication and input into the community, at their own expense.

CCP clearly have no interest or concern with their efforts. It’s all about money-making at the end of the day.


It is my belief that if you’re going to represent high-sec, there are many diverse players across this part of the map who need more solo-based content (possibly with the ability to team-up). Making level 4 missions a lot more diverse and having a much wider range to the reward system would also be a good start. Improving the category of Distribution Missions, LP Store rewards - would also help a lot.

If your answer included something more juicy that highsec players could benefit from/enjoy (since everyone knows null/wormhole players get to have all the fun) then it would be brilliant!


I like what you have to say here, and I agree there needs to be more solo-focused content. This is kind of where I was going with my statement about “storyline content, epic arcs, and lore development”.


Hi Jurius, I’d like to thank you for recording an interview with me on your CSM candidacy, and wish you luck on your campaign!

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As someone who has worked with Eve Uni and, therefore, had a lot of dealing in high sec, what are your views about high sec ganking? If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle completely obsolete, would you challenge that even if you disagree with the playstyle and, if so, how?

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Thanks, Jin’taan.

EVE, like life, carries with it a certain amount of inherent risk. This is a concept which EVE Online has never shied away from, and in fact has embraced. Even in the safest, wealthiest, most well-off communities on Earth (say, for example, small towns in Canada, Scandinavia, Japan, and others) there is still the risk of car accidents, engineering failures, epidemics, and simple old-fashioned murder. Most murder victims are killed by someone close to them; this ratio doubles for women.

You can die anywhere. Roughly sixteen thousand people are murdered in the United States every year (~5 per 100K as of 2018), but in 2017 43,173 Americans killed themselves. Over 140,000 attempts were made. More people do it to themselves than are victims of it; murder that is.

EVE is not so different - it’s a fictional world, true, but - the actions you take in the game have the same consequences you can take in life. If you take unnecessary risks you can be killed, you can lose your stuff, and you can experience pretty fundamental loss. That can come at your hands or those of another. Wandering into a dangerous area of space (all of space) without understanding what you’re doing is more dangerous and more likely than the chances of getting ganked. In the last six years I’ve been ganked precisely once in High Sec. I was gating a mining barge through a primary hub corridor.

The difference between EVE and real life, beyond that it is a video game, is that capsuleers don’t die. Not really. So the loss isn’t existential. You can get back up. You can keep going. Gratification is delayed, but you get to begin again.

Societally, I think we’re so conditioned for the accumulation of things that we feel a really deep loss when someone takes our stuff - even if it’s stuff didn’t really need.

I think CCP’s only responsibility is to provide a game which continues to further and feed different types of gameplay. I don’t think that ganking should be removed from the game, if anything the threat of that violence teaches more people caution, and punishes those who are careless. Fixing ganking isn’t one of CCP’s responsibilities, nor do I think it’s a worthwhile spend of their time.

However, we - the community, and specifically those who teach - have the responsibility of teaching new capsuleers (or pilots, or players, whatever you want to use as a moniker) that space is dangerous, and that a modicum of caution and situational awareness is necessary. As it is in life.

Hi Jurius Doctor,

I’m not sure if I should vote for you or not. You don’t seem to be campaigning for any improvements that high-sec players can enjoy particularly, and you’re also an advocate of killing and ganking warfare which I find a bit murky.

If you wouldn’t mind replying to me in the next hour to convince me why I should vote for you that would be good. I’ll save a slot for you.


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