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“Hi everybody, I’m Jurius Doctor…”

I start every YouTube video I create with the same opening because I want you to know who I am. Every person who plays EVE, because I unironically and non-sarcastically call each and every one of you a friend. You’re my space friends. I started playing EVE because of my RL friend Grahame. I kept playing because of you. I started teaching people how to play EVE because I want there to be more of you. I want more space friends. This community is too awesome not to.

I started playing EVE 12 years ago, rage quit, came back, burned out, came back, and finally stuck with it from 2013 onwards. I joined EVE University because it seemed like a good place to learn. Hint: It was; it is. I made a lot of friends over three years and then – as everyone does – I grew. I decided to try null-sec, and I’ve been there since.

At some point during my time with E-UNI I decided that I liked their teaching slides, but figured I could raise the production quality a little, so I moved to YouTube. It also gave me the ability to help more people, on their time, on their schedule, and not just when I was online. I started writing for INN, appearing on Talking In Stations, and hosting RL EVE Meetups in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I still mentor and teach new players, and every day I receive earnest, open EVE mails and comments from new players who thank me for helping them get into EVE. Those messages mean the world to me, because they keep my fire for this game ignited. You, my space friends, keep me going.

Areas of Expertise: In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

My strengths lie in helping to attract, train, and retain new and existing players and connecting with the community and others. As someone who teaches and mentors new and existing players every day, I am required to have a good operating understaning of all areas of the game, and specialized knowledge in several. There are really only three areas where I cannot myself claim deep knowledge: solo PVP, Pochven, and living full-time in Wormholes.

I am very happy to call current and past CSM members and candidates my friends, and several notable streamers, writers, and pilots besides. I am active in the community and I keep my ear to the ground and watch the new development for areas where someone needs to give a dissenting opinion. My number one concern for this game is that it continue to grow, and that with all new developments we ask ourselves, and CCP, “Does this make the game more fun?”

In the real world I’m a IT Systems Engineer. I work with executives, management, developers, techs, and leaders every day. I have been management and a project manager myself, and I can appreciate the aims of CCP and the challenges they face finding a happy milieu between what will keep the community engaged and what will keep cash-flow positive. As such, when I ask for things I try to make my requests concise, actionable, reasonable, and limited in scope. That’s an important and often overlooked skillset. I’m also an excellent communicator; something often missing in IT staff. While it’s not the role of the CSM to ask for new development, it helps to speak the same language when asked if something is a good idea for the health of the game.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

It’s the best place for me to apply my skills, talents, personality, mindset, critique, and community engagement. Being on the CSM is an extra EVE job, and there’s no surpirse that it burns people out. A lot of former members stop playing altogether, or go hide in the weeds. It’s a lot of work. As much as it’s a personality and popularity contest for the duration of the election period, it’s a big ask the other 36 weeks of the year. So why me?

I’m the right person for the job. This is my fourth year running for CSM, and I’ll continue to run as long as CCP allows it. This community deserves someone who will stand unified with the rest of the CSM in forestalling the worst of CCP’s harebrained schemes, and who will be an active and vocal representative of their interests and engagement in Reykjavik. Someone who will help connect new and existing players with the resources and communities they need within the game by virtue of knowing those communities. It’s a job I already happily do for free.

What can players expect from you?

EVE players can expect that I will always be available to them and communicative; example - I am one of the few people I know who reads literally every YouTube comment (despite the warnings from others to “never read the comments”). This community is just too awesome not to carry forward and hear your concerns, thoughts, and ideas for improvement.

That said, I strongly advise everyone to remember that it’s not the purpose of the CSM to tell CCP what they should/shouldn’t be developing, but to act as a focus group and to counsel them on their approach to new features which they already have in their development sprints/road map. We can ask for features, and we can shine a spotlight on those areas of the game that need some love, but how the developers address those gaps is ultimately up to CCP.

My role will be to help be a positive voice for the community and players of New Eden before the developers, to counsel reason and moderation in changes, and to act as a go-between for the players so that they can be certain their concerns are heard and their questions answered.

((Updated: May 21, 2021))

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Jurius' Motives

This being my fourth year running for CSM, I can tell you that it’s no joyride. I’m not doing this for the giggles, I want to represent the players of EVE Online before CCP and do my part in ensuring that CCP has the best interests of the players in mind. How do I arrive at that list of interests? You tell me. Just as you have been telling me for years.

The difference in my platform from a lot of candidates is that I am not interested in only a single platform point. I’m not just here to talk about botting, or faction warfare, or the roleplaying community - though all of those things are valuable and deserve representation. In fact, I think these communities need to be more cooperative, collaborative, and engaged in selecting a single representative for themselves and then supporting the hell out of that person because competing with the null blocks, they won’t get that voice if they’re not organized.

Unlike many of the candidates, I am most concerned with the overall health of this game as a competitor on the MMORPG market. My interests and the business drivers of CCP are aligned. I want EVE Online to be successful, and to make gigantic stacks of cash, and to make the CCP team hilariously well-off so they can keep doing this forever. Where CCP and I differ on this is how we get there.

The answer is a constellation of factors, not the least of which are balance and development which continue to address botting, faction warfare, and the deeply passionate communities in this game. But playing whack-a-mole with all of them is dividing the efforts of the CSM and CCP to fruitless ends; if you’ve ever tried your hand at project management you already know what this feels like.

So you have to pick big items the community brings you, and not just those from the loudest voices. Then, you have to take each of those ideas, and the new development CCP puts in front of you, and you have to ask the question, “How does this make EVE more fun, and more playable?”

Because, at the end of the day, if it tickles the brain of an esoteric group of players in the game, but it doesn’t meaningfully move the needle when it comes to attracting new players and keeping the community at whole playing, it’s a zero sum game; development at the best of one group which robs time from development which can benefit all groups.

So what are the big priorities then?

Jurius' Priorities

Over the last four years running for CSM I’ve put together this list of priorities which come from an amalgam of feedback I’ve received from players, and ideas that have sparked in my own brain pan while I beat my head against my frustrations with this game.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Improved Transparency and Use of Data to Drive Recruitment to EVE Online

What does this look like for the players?

  • Integrating Activity Tracker data with data from corporations to build a model for suggesting active corporations to new and existing players
  • A complete rebuild of the corporation finder and corporate tools to focus on management simplicity, ACL groups, and the removal of corporate advertisements
  • Transparency on the raw effectiveness of our efforts as players to recruit people to the game, and to our corporations, retention statistics, and dashboard views of player engagement

This data should be available in-game but abstracted from ESI, at the start. (Doesn’t mean it can’t change later.)

2. Better Tools for Onboarding Players

We don’t need another redux of the NPE. Leave it alone, CCP Ghost. Let our friendships work where the NPE falls short.

What this looks like for us:

  • Opt-in flags/icons next to character & ship names that indicate “I’m a new player, and I want help” (this flag should be auto-activated for all characters under 30 days age)
  • Opt-in flags/icons next to character & ship names that indicate “I’m a mentor, and I can help you”

It’s a simple concept, and one which was introduced to me recently by Isaac Collins. Good dude. This accomplishes really simply two things: a. it opens avenues for new players to enter the community with a sense of community and being able to ask for help, b. it opens avenues for subterfuge and counterplay.

If this option is made available to players, I can guarantee I’ll be one of the first ones out there pretending to be a new player so I can hunt griefers. Just as surely as I can guarantee there will be griefers hunting. It’s content.

Other features I’d like to see in this vein are:

  • The ability to link our in-game profiles to YouTube, Twitch, and our Discord communities
  • The ability to share links to the EVE University Wiki directly from a UI window

3. Give the CSM the Ability to Run Delegate Focus Groups

We are, as experienced players, infinitely more in-tune with the actions, behaviors, motivations, and impacts of changes within the game to the players. We’re also much better at using your own data than you are, just look at the things we’ve accomplished with ESI, CCP. And we do it for free. We are a volunteer workforce.

The players who make it to CSM should be able to leverage their access to the developers to take a more active role in soliciting feedback and direct channel from the player base, and filtering that feedback in a meaningful way to CCP.

Faction Warfare, Lowsec, Roleplay, Lore and Content Development… these are all areas woefully in need of some serious love. Determined, spiteful, hot love. Deadpool love scenes love. They’re emotionally starved and need hot loads of development love. And, y’know what? Call me pessimistic but I think CCP’s punching in the dark when it comes to how to fix these areas of the game. Help us help you, CCP.

4. Sure, All of The Other Things

Honestly, Brisc does a great job of covering a lot of the other items in his post. He’s pretty exhaustive, in fact, and his post is a good read. Seriously, go read it. He’s one of the few candidates running who I openly endorse.

Brisc and I agree on a lot of things, and while there are a few things we don’t see the same way we know how to work together. Vote for both of us.


So glad you’re running again for CSM Jurius! CCP needs your intellect and bloodhound-style desire for accuracy and correct data validation!

You’ll definitely be on my ballot in a high position for sure!

- MacCloud
Talking In Stations Chief of Programming


Thanks MacCloud. That means a lot to me.


As a former CSM, I believe Jurius Doctor has the knowledge, attitude, and skills to be a great CSM member.

I endorse his candidacy.


What you have done for the community already and what you have done for new players in particular is outstanding. The fact that you are willing to continue doing so as a CSM member is fantastic!

EVE University remains neutral in the CSM elections as in the past. Individual members are allowed to express their opinion though and I will gladly do that publicly. I wish you the best of luck in your campaign Jurius. You got my vote :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @Dunk_Dinkle, and thank you also @Hippla_Tsero. Your confidence in me means a great deal, and I am very happy to have your support.

@Dunk_Dinkle have you considered running?


No, I won’t be running. :slight_smile:

Glad to see JD will be throwing his hat back into the ring. Looking forward to hanging with you on the circuits (and hopefully CSM 16).

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Thank you, Brisc. I’m encouraged to hear you say that, friend. :slight_smile:

I, too, look forward to hanging with you on the circuits. And yes, hopefully I’ll see you on some Zoom or Teams calls. lol. I might even look forward to seeing @Phantomite there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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without even reading through you got my vote… pretty sure i voted for you in the past as well.

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Thank you, Geo. I’ll take as many as I can get. :laughing:


I have PAUSED my 3 omega accounts until CCP gets the message people play EVE Online for fun! I will bet my hat you will see MINERAL BUNDLES for 4.99 with in 90 days!!! You should not have to buy PLEX and subscription fee to fly fantasy spaceships. As a solo player I play EVE for fun. I have a work schedule that keeps me out of NULL or WH space. Plus I am not a total ass. BUT I have enough bosses at work! I will be damned if I am going to pay to be BOSSED around on my own time. Good luck guys. Thank you eve for a wonderful 11 years! But I really think they way over did it here.


2 Questions:

1.) Would you support them implementing any base line overview, over the default one right now? I play on the eve anywhere browser many times, and it’s truly abysmal, I tried to show a friend the game and they were asking constant questions about what’s this or that, there’s no way this isn’t the first issue that people encounter immediately.

2.) There is very little information about how Incursions, Povchen, Trig invasions, Edencom, both those respective standings farming, and even basic things like the anomalies, no information of how hard or what kind of ships to expect on warp, and what you should be searching for while doing this.

Do you support some version of an ingame lexicon being added, instead of having players have to ask in the help channel with potentially good or bad results? Even the rat damage types, and explaining where and what rare spawns/faction/officer can even be spawned at.

There’s a huge lack of info that a player cannot get from the get go, and as you’ve said before, wormholes aren’t even in the starting experience.

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Hi Isaac, thanks for your email.

I am very happy to answer your questions.

  1. Would you support them implementing any base line overview, over the default one right now?

If I understand you correctly, I think you’re asking if I would be in favor of CCP overhauling the user interface (UI, what the game looks like) and user experience (UX, or how you use it) elements of EVE Online for a more modern experience. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Writ simply: I definitely think the starting overview needs a lot of love. I definitely think that love needs to come in the form of change, and a more graceful easing-in. There are some economizations that exist in EVE Echoes that CCP can bake into EVE Online: simpler menus, more condensed info, and more helpful tips.

  1. There is very little information about…

Yes. I mean, in general, yes. EVE Online has seen the development of a lot of new content and the addition of new regions of space, new features, new gameplay, but it has come in many cases sans context for new players. This is nothing new. The game has been active 18 years and there’s still no mention of wormholes in the NPE, and they’re not a part of the missions ecosystem. So I don’t think we should be surprised at gaps.

I think that, more important than an in-game glossary (which might operate like the Civilopedia in the Civilization Games), it’s important to give players regular, intelligent, responsive instruction prompts which help them over routine hurdles new players experience. This could utilize elements of the NPE and the UI Pointer Tool to highlight the things they’re missing. I.e. If you fail to take a gate into Pochven because you’re missing standings, and you spend 5-10 minutes at a Pochven gate attempting to jump, maybe the game should prompt to say, “Aura says you can’t do that because you’re missing the right standings.”

There’s a bunch of ways to accomplish that particular task, and I’ll leave the brainstorming up to the devs, but it’s clear after 18 years of gameplay (and recent developments over the last 3 years in EVE) that they have the capacity and tools to accomplish it if they are willing to budget the time to just get it done.

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Here is my interview, I had a great time! A man to watch!

Every year I make my endorsements public over on Eveoganda. And each year I pick candidates based on their integrity, what I personally know about them as people, and how well I believe they will serve the widest spectrum of Eve players. This year it is even more critical, since I am also running for CSM and want to ensure we have a council dedicated to getting things done. And while my concerns are primarily centered around LS/FW, I’m confident that Jurius will make a great addition to the CSM. That’s why he will be on my ballot this year.

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Thanks for the support, Rixx.

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I want to thank everyone in advance for their support with the elections. Your help and support is invaluable and appreciated, as is your feedback and your engagement - whether you plan to vote for me or not. Thanks for continuing to make this game great.

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Sorry it’s so late, but I endorse Jurius Doctor for CSM 16!
(I’m the idiot from A Bad Show for Bad People).