CSM 15: Ikarus Cesaille | High Security, new players and corporation mechanisms

Yeah when hoping to get rework to a system that is pretty much connected to every single aspect of the game indirectly i can only imagine what an horror story that would be for the devs so a realistic goal of mine is to bring up the chocking points of the current system that i feel like could be fixed easier. These are the simple things that i need to explain to a lot of new players over and over again.

And as people keep telling us we are not here to tell CCP how to build their game but to reflect what they have built from the perspective of the players. Still i find my skills relevant in here as one of the greatest issues players face in eve is either lack of information or the overflow of information and the community/corporation you belong to in eve is most often your primary source of information.

We also have war eligible corporations with us that are habited by those players who love pvp a bit more than the average new player starting eve.

It is just that we do not want to force a player into pvp against their own will the same way we dont want to force pvp to be miners. So with this structure setup we allow each different player to interact with the game more by their own set of rules. That said our goal in here is to push people out from the silent company which holds our entry level corporations into more advanced and focused corporations so you will be able to fight those players eventually after they have learned to shoot back :slight_smile:

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This is the most important line in here. It is easy to discuss about different ship balances or ingame content as everyone has some experience with those and they all have their own opinion on them. By approaching a CSM position from a different angle i hope to remind people of the things they interact with indirectly but is still a very very important aspect of their game.

Well, good luck, High sec needs a Voice.


The hud is part of the gui largely linking to code that is ran. The code does not always need to be changed to change the gui.

When it comes to corporations, this is a totally different situation, because corporations themselves need code-related changes to improve them (like gutting the tickers, a totally unneeded mechanic).

The mission system is some of the oldest code in the game - they just added new missions in the last update for the first time in years.

These issues are on the table. There is plenty of evidence of them being willing to go in and play with legacy code. CCP Signal talked about some of what he’s done with it on the Meta Show a few weeks ago.

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I learned about you and your alliance just today. It seems like a new success story has been brewing in hisec.

Your points of focus and overall campaign content makes you seem like someone very literate about the side of the game that you’re interested in. The bigger the feedback pool about new players is, the better for CCP. Although many CSM incumbents are experienced in new players, you look like someone that has additional knowledge to bring to the table about not just NPE but also about the tools and means that new organizations could use to flourish (hence a more diverse Eve ecosystem).

Your corporation and alliance has been impressively growing in hisec since 2018. For that kind of growth you must have been doing something right. It looks like you’ll get elected if you can manage to energize your organization at half the levels the null blocs do. I’m positively surprised to see CSM 15 has a strong and game-literate HS candidate. Someone needed to fill in Steve’s valuable position. You’ll be on my ballot. I hope you get elected.




Thank you very much for your kind words!

Even when we do have quite a lot of numbers a great deal of them are new players who have no clue what CSM is. So not only do i need to manage to sell my ideas to them they actually need again to learn one more new thing and try to understand what it means for them. I hope i can pull this off as the audience that least knows about CSM is the one that needs it the most.

I am assuming you are referring to corporate management work and organizing players and for most of the players i bet that would be a boring job. But for me its the lifeline that keeps me going and i bet same applies to all of the great organization leaders out there. So we are here to do the “boring” job so that you could go out there and enjoy the true content :slight_smile:

Not just that; Hilmar himself said that this is a priority in the live stream last week. He said specifically that they’re building a new environment editor to make mission building easier for newer members of the team, as all of the existing missions are very much hard-coded. This makes quick content creation difficult, and a new tool set will mean good things for both CCP and the players.


I was very excited to hear that you are running for the CSM. You’ll definitely have a vote from me. I enjoyed my time in SiCo and believe you’ll be a great representative for new players. Keep up all the good work my friend.

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Ikarus, you’re on my ballot.

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FWIW you’ll have my vote too.


I thought you were waging a one-man war against SiCO. Now you are voting for them?

He mainly had an issue with ICANP and their leader Sabus and once we finally manage to fix that problem we have been good :slight_smile:

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o7 A vote for Ikarus!

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The campaign was (and continues to be) against Sabus Narian and all the crap he does.

I will go after anyone that cooperates with Sabus in any way for the rest of his EvE life. That included SICO when ICANP was part of the alliance, but not anymore since ICANP was expelled, as I’ve stated multiple times. In particular, I stated it in the first post and in the very title of the thread that shows the demise of ICANP:

SICO is no longer a target for me, ICANP still is

I would go after SICO even after they expelled ICANP if I had observed in SICO leadership the crap that made me decide to go after Sabus and ICANP, but I haven’t seen any of that at the leadership level there, so I have nothing against them. I may (and have) target(ed) specific SICO members that I consider toxic, but not SICO as a whole anymore.

I do make a special case of SICO in my anti-ganking activities, though, in that I’m careful to not interfere with anyone ganking them either, but that’s because they’re too big and cannot be wardec’ed, not because I have anything against them. Suicide ganking is the only real threat they have to deal with, and being that big it’s up to them to figure how to deal with that if they want to.

Finally, and more to the point of this thread, regardless of what I may think of SICO and whether I might end up changing my mind and targeting them again in the future for some reason, I do think that, unlike other high sec candidates I’ve seen in the past, @Ikarus_Cesaille is a good contribution to the CSM and that him being there would be beneficial to the game, and that’s the only thing that should matter in deciding whether to vote for him or not.

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Impressive post and campaign page, clearly you have put a lot of time and effort into this candidacy.

Since Steve Ronuken isn’t running thins year, there is need for a new candidate that understands the needs of the many third party programmers that enable the vibrant ecosystem of out-of-game tools the community uses. Reading through your campaign, you clearly have some experience in that area. Will you advocate the importance of maintaining the health of tools like ESI, SSO and the image server / IEC that enable the existence of these tools?

Hey Ikarus - Nice CSM campaign page! Lots of great content on there with some lofty goals to elevate the player experience. I really like your idea for player corporation missions. I’ve always wished there was a mechanism for things like corp-sponsored large scale industrial projects (like citadels or caps). Some way to breakdown those projects into smaller milestones, maybe some sort of task hierarchy; Need x Trit, or X Cap components, etc. (other than with buy orders, as they offer no visibility of what the resources are even used for). I feel like it would add depth for entry-level industrial tasks and allow collaboration of corp members (particularly engaging new/industrial players) towards the large corporation goals.
Anyways, you’ve got my vote! Best of luck in the election!