Strong FPS drop in the abyss

After DT on Tuesday, the FPS in the abyss fell to 10-15, when in normal space 45-60. Although usually in the abyss due to the small number of objects, the FPS was greater than in ordinary space (almost always 60). Perhaps this is due to the upcoming update. I noticed that the lowest FPS when you look at the rocks in the abyss (maybe there are too many polygons on them), if you look to the side where there are no rocks, the FPS is high (gates, towers, etc.).

Have the same issue, every 1 seconds client has micro-freezes when my ship in some combat anomalies. This issue from latest version EVE

Trigs have gotten angry and started a war against video cards.

I checked it on a test server, there are also FPS drops there, but it is not significant, from about 60 to about 45 frames.

Almost a month has passed, nothing has changed. Is anyone going to fix this at all? or I can not go into the abyss anymore. For many times they’re breaking something in one minor patch, and they don’t repair it for months.

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