Stuttering graphics abyssal space

(shaun 27) #1

Just wondered if anyone is getting stuttering in graphics in abyssal space. This is becoming such a common problem now i just cant be bothered to even run the lvl 5 sites anymore.

This issue occurs in low settings with (everything off basically) and high settings. Its mainly around high count npc spawns so high count cruisers and frigates. I have completely reformatted pc fresh drivers new eve client still getting it.

pc specs:
windows 7
amd fx 8150 8 core 3.9ghz
asus amd radeon r9 290 4gb version lastest radeon driver.
ram 16gb

Other games i have been playing mainly planetside 2 have been running really smooth even with 100s people on grid.

Included video of it stuttering/rubber banding.

(elitatwo) #2

Are you using the adrenaline software from AMD? That might be the culprit.

Read the “known issues” for the AMD driver release, they may have a solution there.

(Dread Saboteur) #3

Isn’t this more like connection related tho? I get it too sometimes but only for like a single room on first site I do and not always quite rarely in fact.

(shaun 27) #4

It is adrenaline software latest version 18.12… was doing it on the 3 previous versions as well.

It doesn’t do it all the time but when i say common it happens at least a few times every 3 sites. That video is not the worse i have experienced either it gets ALOT worse then that when it happens.

(elitatwo) #5

I remember reading somewhere that the adrenaline software has some issues but for the life of me, I don’t know what the solution was.

Try the new drivers:

(shaun 27) #6

heh i just upgraded this morning to 19.1.1 the 19.1.2 is optional haven’t tried that yet. But as to the 19.1.1 no better currently uploading a video first site i did this morning and it was no where near better and their was a graphic glitch during it at 8.33.

Maybe my graphic card is no longer good for eve. I have been holding off for years because prices of cards etc and the fact it wasn’t worth upgrading for a few mhz increase. Not a nvidia or windows 10 fan tbh.

(elitatwo) #7

When I opened the AMD website, I saw the announcement of the latest OMG-BBQ-WFT-GPU coming this February.

Maybe wait a few days and get this one for your 8-core CPU system if it doesn’t fix the issue.

(shaun 27) #8

Hopefully it does because at present at least lvl 5 sites for me is unplayable. I dont get this issue in normal k space at least from running about and doing some low level anoms / some solo pvp in wh space.

(elitatwo) #9

I hope so too. Us AMD users should stick together as much as we can.

My RX 480 with 8GB doesn’t have those issues and I only have 4 CPU cores. Could be the new abyssal space needs vulkan support or more processing power.

(shaun 27) #10

oh god dont say that your have all the team blue coming in here showing off their 1000 fps videos :stuck_out_tongue:

(elitatwo) #11

With the danger of sounding slightly arrogant, my mind does only operate in 1000 frames per second.

You would not believe the time delays I am suffering when I am waiting for something to happen that has been obvious for 50 years.

(shaun 27) #12

looks like i might be getting same issue as Framerate lag spikes thread will try some things in their see if it improves my situation as i can quite reliably reproduce this problem if i run enough sites.

(elitatwo) #13

I am sorry to hear that. Did the Adrenaline version help at all?

(shaun 27) #14

no still on 19.1.1. ran 3 sites this morning with loglite running and bunch tools displaying fps etc, had no problems this morning, no stuttering at least. I had the odd pause / jerk like once or twice during a whole site but no where near as bad as some videos i posted.

I will catch it at some point no doubt and save the logs etc its rather intermittent but when it does happen it happens alot.

(shaun 27) #15

Ok after like 8 9 sites today managed to get 1 producing the stuttering and capture it log wise and video wise.

Stuttering starts in second site at 12:36 and third site 12:39 ingame time!. The loglite didn’t capture nothing i might add.

Graphic settings i used which is virtually potato mode.

(elitatwo) #16

Disable the resource cache and use the optimizer in the “performance” setting.

(shaun 27) #17

Still get the problem. I did test my spare pc today and that also gets the same problem with the odd pauses jerking. Its been rareish lately like every 3 or 4 sites and i haven’t had the really bad stuttering for a few days.

spare pc specs:

amd radeon hd 7800 series 1024mb
ram 8gb
amd fx 4300 quad

Not sure if this meets min specs as it says 2gb is that ram or graphics card ? that was with 19.1.1 software windows 7.

I also eliminated my router causing problem as it will block dodgy packets. I used standard virgin media one. so its 3 things really eve, network, radeon software.

(elitatwo) #18

I think it means video memory. When abyssal deadpsace was introduced they said it requires 4GB of video memory for the large textures to render.

(shaun 27) #19

Well tbh it doesn’t matter now i was able to reproduce the problem on another pc so at least i have comfort in knowing its not my graphic card on the way out tbh. Will update shortly after upload etc but this site i did on the other pc after about 10 sites was rather bad actually.

(shaun 27) #20

That was after 10 sites with a fresh eve client fully downloaded on performance settings with resource cache unticked and interival immediate.

pc specs:
amd radeon hd 7800 series 1024mb
ram 8gb
amd fx 4300 quad cpu
19.1.1 radeon software version
ssd corsair neutron 240gb

I can deal with the odd pauses and jerks every 3 sites but that is the issue which is annoying. Not to mention i nearly died twice trying to reproduce it and not paying attention.