Random micro-stuttering

I’ve been having issues with random micro-stuttering that happens at least once a minute whilst just sitting inside a station, viewing the outside structure and spinning around doing nothing else for example. Other games don’t seem to stutter like this and I’m wondering if it’s something on my end or is anyone else experiencing it?

I have a similar issue. Every few seconds there’s a flicker, like a white or black frame mixed in. Usually around the same time things seem to slow down for a second (if the camera was spinning, or the warp animation, etc. I consistently get a similar stutter opening the fitting window, but that’s not as annoying since it’s not as frequent and I can expect it.

Radeon RX 580, Acer 144hz FreeSync, EVE FPS monitor fairly steady ~150fps, lower dips around 120fps (not sure if the glitch also interrupts the fps monitor so it doesn’t really show it or if it really is steadily rendering frames and something else is interrupting it for half a second). I only see this in EVE.

I had a micro-stutter issue that would happen in Eve only with the 390.65 NVidia driver, which was as you guessed solved by reverting to an older driver. I don’t have the micro-stuttering, but now the game’s entire window bugs out and flickers a greenish color when I ALT-Tab out and restore Eve, plus certain colors for text appear distorted and blurred. I run Eve in 1440 and now anything in red looks like it’s straight out of a YouTube vid in 240.

There has been a awful lot of display issues folks have been having recently.

AMD said to revert to the last Catalyst driver suite and not use the Crimson one :-/

Sorry to hear that.

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