Stuttering graphics abyssal space

(elitatwo) #21

I am really sorry to hear that. I hope the new drivers will help.

(shaun 27) #22

Will try optional one sometime dunno when but just want to be certain its not my synology router blocking packets as its got intrusion prevention app that blocks malicious packets. Just case when i get time now.

(elitatwo) #23

Can’t you add a forwarding rule for the tranquility and singularity server?

(shaun 27) #24

Ok edited this. I can confirm its not my router, as soon as i got back from work i uninstalled eve completely deleted eve folder reinstalled fully. Then i ran 2 sites they ran perfect. log off for few hours decided to do 2 more and the first site i did ran into problems with it stuttering occasionally under virgin media router. That was also with chat log to file and message types to log all turned off so its not related at least i think to the other thread with stuttering issues.

Not much more i can do now i gave ccp precise instructions what i do and tried so many different settings and things now. ccp did change something i noticed on patch day for launcher sm_3_0_hi to sm_3_0_low did increase fps alot but not fixed issue.

Framerate lag spikes
(shaun 27) #25

ok i know ccp still looking at this but here is a video outside abyssal space.

Pay close attention to around 30 to 36 seconds your see a slight pause / stutter this is very common at least for me just wondered if others got it. But this is also how i know i still got the bad stuff like above.