Abyssal Space Render glitch?

I seem to be running into a weird rendering glitch/bug in abyssal space and was wondering if anyone else has ever ran into this.

Sometimes when I enter the abyss, or enter the next room, the world is pure darkness. No background, debris, nor ships render. I see the icons of the ‘ships’ and can like, rotate my screen and ‘track’ where the ship should be, but its all just darkness. I utilize my UI to orbit and target stuff, and once I move to the next room, or back to normal space (if the glitch happened in the last room) everything pops up normally.

I’ve currently tried checking my cache, reinstalling the entire game, installing all game files (twice) reinstalling my graphics drivers (twice as well D;) changing all my settings to low, high, you name it! But the issue keeps randomly occurring. This has prevented me from ever moving to Calm filaments, as I simply can’t afford this to happen and lose a ship because of it, cause I don’t exactly have enough isk to risk it.

Its almost like the Ctrl+Shift+F9 Exterior View option but it doesn’t go away if I try toggling that either.

If anyone has any ideas, I’m completely out of them. Waiting for support to get back to me, but was curious if this was something someone else went through and could help me out. Or if not, this might help someone in the future when looking for solution to something similar.

Here’s a screenshot:

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