Invisible ships and broken warps

just reporting some graphical issues, both seem to happen pretty regularly.

at any given time, one or more of my own ships is invisible on it’s own screen (ship not being rendered). Its still visible to everybody else (i checked) but it sure sure does lead to some confusion when im trying to explain stuff to some newbros.

Also, frequently i am getting issues where the “warp tunnel” graphic appears before entering warp (like as soon as the command is given regardless of alignment), persists after exiting warp, or never appears at all. this one is a bit more serious because its far less obvious when you are in fact in warp or not and could easily lead to a lot deaths because you thought you warped off and you actually didnt ever enter warp at all, or thought you were still “landing” when in fact you’ve been targettable for several seconds…

I’ve noticed this too, I noticed it mainly after the crash last night.

Try to find steps that cause it to happen again and submit a bug report with the steps.

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Shhhhhhh! The sun glare is finally gone.

Reproducible for me 100% of the time if I log out in space and log back in. Docking or jumping system fixes it for me. This is really annoying, please fix.

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