Ship not visible

my ship in space offline.
the next day, my ship online ,ship not visible.Other normal, just can’t see my ship.
may be it a bug

That happened to me too once or twice. Or maybe more, but i don’t see it because i zoomed out most of the time.

Happened to me once a day or two ago, but my ship became visible again once I jumped through a gate. Docking and undocking might work too.

This has been happening to me a lot. I also live a more normadic lifestyle in Eve, so this is probably why as I safe log almost all of my chars. I’ve found it goes away with a session change by docking or changing systems. I’ve only seen it happen when logging onto a character that is in space and not docked. It makes it difficult though when trying to kit in my frigates or trying to ram something though when I can’t see my ship

This has been happening to me too. Seems like if you logoff while undocked, the next time you login, you’re invisible.

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