Version 18.11 - General Feedback


Our monthly deployment (Version 18.11) is going live today. Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything that will be released.

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  • Fixed an issue that caused lightning changes in the hangar scene when changing window size

… Lightning changes?

  • Fixed issue that caused honking sound when entering NES store or market.

I thought that was a feature.

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A quick note: The daily challenges that are part of the Jita 4-4 Celebration will start tomorrow. Please hold on to your fireworks!

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It is now possible to cancel an in-progress target lock


The Sensor Overlay compass is now hidden by default

Why? And how do I turn certain things off and on? Especially during tidilagfests that CCP loves so much I like to turn off sigs and anoms but keep bookmarks visible. And how do I turn it back on?

Added the ability to redeem DLI boosters while in space.


Fixed incorrect punctuation and formatting for JPY in fast checkout


This multiplier will always be visible via the Star Map so that you can locate high-value solar systems in which to hunt pirates.

Where is it? I do not see any category in the F10 map to activate this.

  • Fixed issue that caused honking sound when entering NES store or market.
    LOL that’s funny

Honk honk. Bye bye.


what about adding the veles entropic radiation sink to the trig LP store?

fireworks really this is just Dull :confused:

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Why is the bounty payout adjustment only available in the new map? Also shouldn’t this information be available when you show info on a solar system?

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most likely: daily login reward boosters

seems most likely: Japanese Yen

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  • The Jump Clone tab in the Character Sheet has been overhauled

It’s borked, bug report sent.

  • It is now possible to cancel an in-progress target lock


  • The Sensor Overlay compass is now hidden by default

How do we add it back? I had a look in the settings can’t see any new box.

sensor overlay compass option can be found when you click the neocom icon to the right below your capacitor ui or alternatively below and to the left of modules

what the story bout the corp hangar windows ??
first some time ago in your stupid unified inventory idea you changed it from 1 Corphangar with 7 tabs
into 7 seperate windows… and now I can only ope 1 !!! at a time ???
every patch the game gets more and more frustrating to play and ends in unplayability soon


I do “love” how CCP adressed something that attackers have always complained about (intel channels) by giving them something provided by gamecode itself: literally perfect remote intel that is correct in 100% of cases.


Can we get a dev blog that actually gives details to the dbs and ess for once instead of just copy and pasting the same thing over and over without new info?

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I very much enjoyed helping cut off the main trade route from 4 4 to Amarr space. Please give more options to make 4 4 weaker.

I am pretty pleased with everything. The new Jita 44 station looks great. Love that it is a unique.

Can the cancel unlocking attempt be added to the Ring Menu, in addition to having to rightclick for it?

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Are you guy blood serious??

First you cut off Jita from half of EVE then you promote an event there for all of EVE.

I wonder if you are trying to annoy player or are you that far away from game play that you have lost touch completely




new jita 44 position is not optimal, center of undock line should be placed, that “New Caldari” and “Perimeter” gate, shloud be on right side on undock center line not left, prabbobly with the same angle, this make that u will have better angle for “Sobaseki” gate, and it is possible to get better angle for “Muvolailen” gate to, by moving undock center line a little up and less right