Skills window is driving me insane

Especially since I’m trying to test somewhere there that involves multiboxing.

  • It takes forever to load. Sometimes it refuses to load with a pop saying there was no connection established or something. You’d better minimize it instead of closing it.

  • And here comes the part where it must be minimized - by default it takes entire screen and doesn’t change the size after choosing the size option to the floating one. And picking the edges to change the size is something really annoying.

  • I beg you, please add the option for the skills types to be listed horizontally as well, not only vertically.
    From --------------> To
    1 4 7 ---------------> 1 2 3
    2 5 8 --------------> 4 5 6
    3 6 9 --------------> 6 7 8

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Can you show a screenshot of that error message? That would be awesome to see and record for posterity. :slight_smile:

Especially the horizontal sorting makes so much more sense than the vertical sorting.

They should also replace the 2 content squares on top of each other with 2 columns next to each other so that more skills and skill categories can be seen without much scrolling. Like this



I don’t have it :frowning: if I catch it I’ll let you know here. Your version looks way better!

If they at the same time remove some off all the excessive spacing, then can increase font size by 50% and still show more skills in the same space.

In the screenshot example here you can probably get 50% larger fonts and 15 rather than 11 skills listed in the active queue by simply reducing paddings.

And then add the SP/min currently training.

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