Collapsable Skill category

Could we please have a button to collapse the skill catalogue… I have taken a screenshot of my view, and it is just stupid to try to browse the skill-options in categories like Gunnery, or Production.

In 5 years. Until then you just have to use the window in full screen mode as CCP expects you to use all their crappy new UI disasters.

Looking at the screenshot, their window seems to already be in full screen mode.

Agreed, UI elements on the skill window are taking way too much space.

They were supposed to have had a meeting with the CSM over the new skills window. Not sure why it’s taking them so long to make changes. I mean, I could have made changes to the window by now, and I’m a programming noob. So, I dunno. I assume that they’re devoting extra time to design in an attempt to make sure they get it right this time. But, I suppose there could be some sort of complication that makes making changes more difficult.

Regardless, we should see changes at some point in the near future. Player response was overwhelmingly negative, and the fact that they recently had a meeting with the CSM about it tells us that they haven’t backburnered it… well, not yet at any rate.
No P2W

I mean they could have delayed it after we pointed out their original design team should of been fired once we saw this on sisi

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