Improvements to skill window

Skill Window

  • The skill window’s lists could benefit from a “compact” mode that reduces the vertical spacing between each skill or skill category. That way we could make the whole window use less vertical space and it would be easier to scroll the list of skills within a category.

Very happy with some of changes so that I don’t need to pause training to change the currently trained skill or apply skill points, but the UI aspects of the skill window have been two steps forward and one step back.

Something akin to having an option to go back to how the skill window was a few years ago would be fantastic.
I see the appeal for the current system for those who do touch screen tablet gaming…but I am not in that category and 2nd that request for a more compact screen to view the char’s current skills and training queue.

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Spent some time and put together a couple of mock ups of what I believe would make the perfect compact skill UI:




Yes I miss 2012 too


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