New Eden Store Mutaplasmids: Event cerebral accelerator monetization

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Accelerator Mutaplasmids (not the accelerators) would become a new item drop in abyssal deadspace available in the New Eden Store. These variants of store bought Mutaplasmid technologies would apply to both non-expired and reactivation of expired cerebral accelerators. Players are still free to use un-augmented cerebral accelerators ‘as is.’

Technically, CCP wouldn’t be selling skillpoints; only selling the mutaplasmids that offer a ‘chance’ to gain more training speed from an accelerator that drops from in-game events, recruiter rewards or constructed by players from blueprints.

Harder to ‘Brick’ Accelerators:
Unlike applying mutaplasmids to modules (or even ships as discussed in CSM 13 minutes), it is much more difficult to ‘brick’ an accelerator’s usefulness due to the primary and secondary attribute system. As long as any two of the five available attributes are boosted, someone can find a skill plan to plug it into. Of course, there are going to be more popular attribute pairs depended on the skills people want to train.

RNG System for Active and Expired Accelerators:
Accelerator Mutaplasmids would alter any of the individual attribute categories to either rise above or below the base boost, up to 100%. The chances of making even a single attribute +24 from a base +12 accelerator would be phenomenally low. On the flipside, there is a chance individual attributes could fall to +1 or 0. Booster duration could also factor into RNG roll. These duration and attributes would more likely roll worse when mutating an expired accelerator.

Could stimulate side market for min/max attribute map trains for high skillpoint characters. Event Accelerators turned into abyssal accelerators would still expire normally not expire; giving confidence to traders listing them on contract.

Player requests to scrap the attribute system altogether:
This is not a sensible thing to do if the goal is finding avenues to monetize. The concern is that new players may ‘wreck’ their character by using up all available remapping opportunities, having to wait a year before they ability to remap. Removing the timer on remaps or removing attributes altogether and giving everyone the same base skill train speed would in effect prevent new players from ‘wrecking’ their attribute mapping; however it would also remove all consequence of choice.

When Tiancity operated Serenity cluster, and likely when NetEase takes the reigns, attribute remap tokens were available in the game store for approximately $10. The year long timer still remained, but the choice to bypass was available. This is not pay to win, only pay to access faster.

Attributes ultimately still have relevance with the diminishing returns cap on skill injectors after 80m SP. It is far more cost effective per SP to buy an accelerator over an injector and train with enhanced time.

Exspired Cerebral Accelerators
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People might not be doing it a lot since the chance for a great abyssal module could be more likely to make you great ISK than an expiring booster. I’m just guessing.

I like the idea of mutated boosters.

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Except in the current system Mutaplasmids drop for specific categories, they’re not universal. You’re going to find drops like ‘gravid 50mn microwarpdrive Mutaplasmids’ that’ll only work on 50mn microwarp drives.

What this proposal suggests is dropping items like ‘gravid cerebral accelerator mutaplasmids’ in abyssal sites. This would also give ccp and way to control the flow of abyssal modules by offering enhanced event learning boosters instead (which expire anyways).

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The new community event introduced a lower tier of cerebral accelerators, the 'basic x-sense Consciousness. ’ This implant only modifies character attributes with a +6 boost.

There’s an opportunity for synergy here. Players have come to expect +10 and +12 learning boosters. CCP can curtail the drop rate of those higher types while introducing and raising drop rate on base +6 event boosters with a chance to raise them higher with Accelerator Mutaplasmids.

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Would abyssal sites have the same draw if only accelerators (that eventually expire) had been available for RNG rolls rather than modules? Would it be healthier for game balance?

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New recruitment program introduced (+10) 24hr accelerators without built in expiration dates. No expiration on a mutated booster would be pretty useful.

I’m curious to what extent that could drive people to abuse the recruit a friend system to farm accelerators. CCP makes money in the endgame while account farmers aren’t guaranteed good rolls on these ‘no expiry’ variants.

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Updated original post to reflect more aggressive monetization strategies. :kissing_heart:

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Splendid! Development appears to be shifting toward the ability for players to assemble their own boosters. If these do not expire that would help stabilize the market for custom abyssal modified accelerators. It would be sensible to keep these at a low base attribute boost, such as +4 or +6, and let store bought mutaplasmids raise them up to +10 and +12. Rare event drop accelerators (that expire) could go higher and drive player participation in those events to collect them.

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How about NO to any more monetization.

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Not realistic, CCP is a business with revenue projections to meet in this $425 million acquisition. At the very least CCP/Pearl Abyss can use this suggestion for the Serenity market.

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CCP / NetEase can do what ever they like on the Serenity market.

Pay To Win will not fly on TQ.

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Augmenting training speed is not pay to win. That topic has been covered extensively.

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It is if you can buy with Real Money.

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Skill points = / = player skill. They afford access faster, yet that is not a win button. Airhead whales lose expensive toys all the time.

We already have items store bought items that augment skill training speed. Daily Alpha Injectors allow for 2x training speed (up to 20m SP).

Store bought (and they could exist as a rarer in-game item drop) accelerator mutaplasmids in this proposal do not give skill points by themselves, rather have a ‘chance’ to augment existing in-game accelerators that drop from events, recruiter rewards, and in-game construction.

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Plus you can buy Plex from the market even then. Or buy them from the market

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Here’s an example of what it could look like.


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