Accelerators expired early?

Howdy all?

Just a question about the last round of accelerators. I logged on today to sell the last few I had, and they had expired a day early. Still consumable, but didn’t have a market option. Is this just me or a known bug?


Subject’s a bit of a misnmoer. It’s not a question of whether they’re expired but why they aren’t showing up in the market anymore.

I haven’t looked (at work) but if they are, I’d say it’s a bug.

Looks like it was a patch mistake:

However, somebody in the thread says they consumed one and it still worked, so give it a try.

I did consume one, but I can’t sell the surplus, and that’s what I really needed. Hope they fix it!

Gee, another “oops, sorry but you’re SOL” from CCP. Color me surprised… It’s not like this is the first or even second event to feature accelerators. So I guess we have to blame it on staff shortages due to summer holidays, or maybe the recent PA acquisition that’s dominating everyone’s time.

If this happened in any other major title players would be rioting. But what do EVE players do? Just shrug their shoulders and renew their subscription. How does anyone expect to hold CCP accountable or to a higher standard by continuing to let this sh*t slide every update?

They can’t be traded on the market but can be consumed.
Can be contracted though.

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