Personalized not tradeable items in EvE

I’m wondering why nobody recognized that CCP actually morphed Cerebral Accelerators into un-tradeable, personalized items only given out as part of login campaigns!

Those things being not tradeable is not a mistake anymore, it’s by intention. The benefit of the doubt was exhausted a year ago. There is no excuse that to be happen “by mistake” every single time.

Another EvE pre(o)mise broken.

@CSM do you endorse this development?


So you’re complaining that you can’t sell something that you were given for free in the first place ?

No, it is a remark on a change of procedure for an item. Accelerators used to be tradable on the market just like about any other item. Now they are not.

I have not noticed because you can’t even Show Info on them yet.


Can they be sold by contract, or are they simply not transferrable ?

I delivered them all to my main. Will she not be able to use them? Really lame CCP.

If I read correctly, they are not able to be listed on the market, but are otherwise transferable. I hope they are transferable. I am old and have lots of SP. I intend to donate my accelerators to younger folks who need the SP more than I do.

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Probably only via direct trade or citadel delivery, as contracts and market are not usable. CCP didn’t plug all holes.

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Also this happened around 50% of the time when the events were dropping differently named accelerators. Some intern at CCP forgot to set the attribute that allows them to be sold via the market.

Bug report it, maybe it will be fixed … (probably just after they expire)

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