Event Cerebral Accelerators not on market?

Heya, really didn’t know where to post this so here we are.
So I’ve noticed the the boosters which you could get from the current event are not appearing on the market. At the same time when i click “sell this item” or “buy this type” it seems an order is found which i could complete.
Is there any information out there if this is going to be fixed or is that intentional?
Just seems weird to me that the only way to purchase an item would be to already possess one of it.


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Well they hardly drop and maybe few that get them actually sell them and they get bought right away. Ever thought about that?

Which event exactly are you referring to? There’s 3 “events” going on at the moment

Most are limited-time only, seeded from seasonal events that ultimately expire and hence aren’t sold on the market anymore (ie. those come and go). There is only one kind of accelerator that never expires and can technically be seeded at any time, but only through an extremely expensive and impractical mechanism: the Master-at-Arms Cerebral Accelerator.

I get shown items even if there isn’t any order up for them. This setting exists. Ever thought about that?

And I mean the capsuleer day boosters like “Basic Capsuleer Day Cerebral Accelerator”.
With them not appearing I do not mean there aren’t any orders up, but rather you cannot find that item on the market at all. I can see other already expired boosters like for example “Extended Serenity Cerebral Accelerator” but not the ones that currently drop.

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special event boosters like those most likely will show up on market if someone sells it, if not then you won’t find it on the market at all.

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Tough crowd today. Alright step by step.
My settings show all items that are tradeable via the market even if there isn’t any order up in any direction. So I can “find” even the rarest stuff in the most remote hellhole on the market. It just will show that there are no orders up.
I am currently in Amarr and even though there are no orders up I can check “Upwell Palatine Keepstar” and see that no orders exist.

I had 2 "Basic Capsuleer Day Cerebral Accelerator " in my item hangar in Amarr.
When I click “View market details” the market opens up but no item is selected. This is different behaviour with every other item I’ve seen.
Now if I click “sell item” it offers me to instasell the booster at 6004000 isk - indicating a buy order exists.
If I click “buy this type” I was given the option to buy one at 47xxxxxx isk - indicating a sell order does exist.
Then I created an sell order for 46000000 isk myself and now if i click “buy this item” it grabs my 46mil order - meaning my order got posted.

But since you (or just me?) cannot find the item without actually clicking on it in your inventory that would mean only people who already have one can interact with the orders on the market which doesn’t sound right.
Hence me scratching my head and posting that issue

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There’s a few bugs happening with the Market Interface. Looks like you found another bug, the ‘View Market Details’ option just opening the Market Interface without listing that items Buy & Sell orders.

The main issue is that some items aren’t showing in the individual list panel on the left side of the Market window even though those items currently have active Buy & Sell orders.

To find orders for the items not showing in the Individual items list, try entering the item name in the Market search option and use that to show a listing for Market orders.

Like I said, there’s a few issues happening with the Market Interface. Along with what I stated above, the Market search option also won’t recognize some items as actually being in-game.

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The SP accelerators can be traded on market, but are not searchable. So you can open the market for them if you have one from context menu. Bugged as usual. Every single time and event.

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send bug report , I am not shocked , typical CCP :smiley:

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This basically.

What is annoying is this happens nearly EVERY SINGLE EVENT. How hard can it be to put the new stuff in the same market group as the old stuff? … Like are they not just copying an older database entry and then changing the name? :psyccp:

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Alrighty, now people understand me <3
Okidoki, thanks for the replies. I guess that’s the way it is with the boosters then.

“To find orders for the items not showing in the Individual items list, try entering the item name in the Market search option and use that to show a listing for Market orders.”
Sadly even this doesn’t work for me (does it work for you folks with the current cerebral accelerators?).
So while i can grab the lowest sell and highest buy order when I got one item in my inventory I cannot see any other orders. Neither with view market details nor with typing the item name into the search bar.

Thanks again for the input and have a nice day o/

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Omg lil update, apparently it is fixed now. They are listed properly now \o/

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Sadly, it is not working for the Potent variety, as of 1900 UTC

I guess they have only generic names for accelerators on the Serenity server.

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