Expert "Boost" Cerebral Accelerator +10 for 7 days

Where do these come from?

I recently purchased the Expert Boost Bundle and it says right in the description that it comes with 1.5m skill points and a Expert Cerebral Accelerator.
This $40 pack does not come with an accelerator that you can sell for 1b isk?
The ad is misleading.
Why did we need another Expert booster that you can’t sell on the marketplace?
I won’t be the only person that has an issue with this.

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I imagine its auto applied itself.

The pros and cons of “soulbound” items has been argued here before.

I think its very anti-EvE to have auto apply items, others think it controls the market better or something.

For CCP, it means they can sell items unavailable through normal play for $$$$

Hilmar needs a new yacht

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Soul bound

Normal pack’s with tradable boosters

I leave tin foil conspiracy theories to others.

Exactly. I redeemed mine and it was auto applied.

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