Cerebral Accelerator Events

​CCP … I miss those easy Events that used to give a lot of “Cerebral Accelerators” !

When will we have new Events of that type ?

But please … Nothing more of those burdensome Events that made it too complicated and too expensive to get Accelerators.


Make it rain (accelerators)!


Loved the accelerators. I have multiple high skill characters plus three SP farm toons for self injection, so the accelerators alone would be worth several billion in SP to me.

Speaking of which, I wonder if accelerators help drive plex/MPTC sales. Like, I sometimes let my SP farm toons’ mptc’s run out because I don’t feel like isk grinding, but I always spool them back up when cheap accelerators are available. After all, they help me get more mileage out of my MPTC’s, which lowers the cost of my SP.

Incoming “egg hunt” (name by myself. Not official…) event should be up to your taste since it’s aimed at new players.

Also that 50% drop for implants from pods will put some parts of New Eden on fire!

You should have said that you don’t want that kind of event instead of elaborating this fictionnal story.
If you’d be frank you should have said I don’t need SP so nobody deserve to get one :smiley:

It will always be the case as an SP is involved in any event like the in-progress one.

@ Chaotic Moon CCP took the wrong turn 2 years ago.
It will be foolish to think they will renounce to this trickier , heavier , longer, with fewer drops event.

What? I am completely lost.

It looks like a story of someone who hate this accelerators, perhaps I took you story in a second degree.
Sorry If I am mistaken, in this forum it is something very common.

You give so much details why you like it , as if you want CCP not to feed this sp-farm toons .
I am quite sur that any players who do not have a farm ( they must be a lot) won’t like reading your comments .
SP-Farm = botter = ill gain = profiteer = borderline player .
not very well connoted …

oh, okay. I was being sincere. I do like the cerebral accelerators, and think that they’re great for new and old players alike.

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I hate easy events that pay wayyyyy too much in relation to the effort required.

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