Question about Crimson Harvest Cerebral Accelerators

I guess they come in the form of blueprints. My question is, if you decide to build them sometime in the future, after the event is over, will they pop out of the factory already expired, or will the expiration timer start once they’ve popped out?

In looking at the info on the output of the BPC, it appears that the Accelerators have an expiration date of Nov 27th.

Given all the extra effort and relative obscurity of the components needed (to say nothing of the skills needed to mine and build the Accelerators that newer players might be lacking), that seems to be a really odd decision.

Yet, there it is.

Unless there’s some really good loot (and I hear it’s been patched so that there isn’t), doesn’t sound like this event is worth running.

It was all over the place yesterday- I only had a chance to run a few sites and that was after the nerf bat had been applied a little too excessively. I hear that things are a bit better today.

I will say that I actually dig the event so far- the sites are reasonably challenging and it’s cool that there are different elements of it between pure combat and mining.

That said, this decision on the accelerators is a bit odd. The mix of materials is a bit obscure and the expiration date on the built accelerators is, to me, not a great idea (at least to have such a short one).

All in all, I think that puts new players at a more substantial disadvantage than previous events because they need mining, production, AND combat skills to make these accelerators. Essentially, this seems to just skew this towards those of us who actually can do all of those things reasonably well and will drive up the prices of the accelerators for those who can’t.

That said, at least the rats give bounties again, there is other loot to be had, I really dig the Agency reward skins for this, and the sites are legitimately entertaining to run. So, all in all, I’ll run more of these.

Same here. It doesn’t seem too interesting or worthwhile.

I enjoyed trying a harvest site, the spawns were enough that a few strangers in mining vessels and a wandering Drake ended up fighting together against successive waves of npcs. As we were in mainly mining vessels, things were a bit interesting. Shield repping from one dude kept me on grid, Drones chewed through rats, but who targets which? The dps was heavy and sustained. But at the end of the day, wrecks settled and the casual miners had triumphed.

The loot was a bit pants though. Mainly fireworks. A fun event with badass skins.

Wrong answer. I ran 5 sites today and got plenty of good stuff and got the first 50 points for the accelerator

so then the accelerators wont even be usable after nov 27th?

right … you can consume the booster after 27th of Nov
if you have one injected befor it will run until it runs … it will not stop at the 27th

i hope thats not written too complicated … sorry if it is …


With all pyro doses IV and dark blood faction gear dropping this event has best loot table I ever saw. Unpredictable (I do like surprises in PvE ) and really usefull. I even ignore accelerators blueprints now and do event to get all those doses (sometimes it is up to 5-6 doses from a single deadspace, including high end doses) and factional deadspace loot (blood raiders webifiers drop pretty commonly from frigates)

Production requires Industry I, which you get automatically as a new player AFAIK (and if not, takes a few minutes to train). Basic mining skills are also either part of the new player skill set or they’re very quick to train (a Venture with Miner I turrets is extremely light on skills). The combat part of the event is actually the hardest on skills, since it can be somewhat challenging compared to some earlier events.

So to say that building the accelerators is not accessible to new players isn’t really true.

Furthermore, there’s no need for everyone to do everything, which I think is one of the better aspects of this event. The market is there for you to buy what you can’t (or don’t want to) farm and to sell what you can easily farm. Like mining? Go to the Harvest Fields and mine your heart out. Buy the BPCs for the accelerators and the other components and build them. Sell any excess ore you have (which is selling for a decent price). Prefer shooting stuff? Go run Gauntlets and either sell the BPCs on contract or buy the materials for accelerators, build them and then sell what you don’t need.

Instead of the previous model of “fly to site, complete objective, get loot, repeat”, this event actually ties into the economy in a nice way where you can do what you want / what you’re good at, let other players do the other stuff and have the market mediate between everyone.

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I’m not saying it’s not accessible, just saying that the balance between newer and older players is more skewed now due to the expiration time of the Accelerators.

In previous events, I could run the sites more efficiently so I could farm more than newer players. Now, I:
-Can fight more efficiently so I can get more BPCs
-Can use my brick-tanked Skiff to outmine the Alpha in the Venture and refine more efficiently
-Can use my extra production slots to build more than the newer player
-Can do more effective exploration to find those oddball parts

I actually really like the fact that all of these elements are part of the event, and actually I think it helps new players because is exposes them to a lot more elements of the game outside of the Career Agents. That’s a really great thing to me. I’m just concerned that having the clock ticking on these before people have a chance to train/do those things might not be the best or most encouraging approach and has the potential to drive up the prices of both the accelerators and the materials (we’re already seeing that with some of the components).

Al in all, I generally think that this is an improvement, just that the current implementation is not quite right and results in this being more skewed than it was in the past.

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