Evergreen Daily Login Rewards

To make you come back every day.

Agree. It creates such energy in the player-base when you give them a chance to add to the world we all share. 2011 saw this on steroids with the “Create a Starship” contest hosted on DeviantArt. Players submitted designs, these were voted on and CCP incorporated them into a new ship line, now called the attack battlecruiser. It was an exciting time!

The search below takes you to the announcement pages for the Tornado, Talos, Naga, and Oracle. https://www.eveonline.com/articles/dev-blogs/1?q=troduction


Oke zo we have these 7 days Skins wich disappaer after 7 days, why dont we have single use Skins instead wich Paint a ship and then dissappaer. When the ship doesn’t het destroyed you have a painted ship.


warframe and eve online are 2 different things. every item, every ship is all listed on a giant excel sheet. if a ship has 15 skins, there is 15 different listings of that ship on the excel sheet. Eve needs help, it needs the company to actually want to sit down and try to fix it rather than sewing more code into the frankenstein and milking the game for more money

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The announcement that this is a persistent feature rather than a temporary event is no surprise, that was apparent from the design and I expect the cycling skillpoint rewards will have the desired effect of encouraging people to login more often but the loot crates are a mistake.

For a permanent feature, you obviously can’t award valuable items that can be sold on the market every day but awarding useless items is simply annoying (see most of the posts above!). Either get rid of the loot crates or award something useful once per skillpoint cycle.


CCP, do you really need this? Seriously, it reeks of cheap psychological mobile game tricks some marketing guy is excited about because he can artificcialy increase “engagement”.

Do you not realize that this is not only completely useless but also devaluing the whole experience? I find it quite immersion destroying. It adds to the growing appearance of EVE transforming from a game to a storefront.


/stares in Sergeant

–Gadget wants to know if you’re gonna eat that?

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So apply and let the ship “cure” in station?

–Gadget want a purple one

The use of “fore” and “aft” could be used to designate volatile skins from permanent skins, e.g., you are awarded a “Tristan Foreskin”, or a “Kestral Aftskin”. That way you would know immediately how long your skin would cover your ship…


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this log in event is so ■■■■ not even new bros can find use with this trash


Wow, such negativity in this thread. No wonder the Dev’s don’t respond very much.


Tech 1 BPC rewards should have some ME and TE research on them. Amount of runs is fine, especially since they can be used for invention.

Volatile Ship Skins should start their expiration timer when the skin is actually selected and applied to a ship in the Fitting screen.

Limited Boosters should be automatically added to the in-game Redeem Queue so they can be used / consumed when the player is ready to undock.

Also the daily Skill Point reward should be the same amount each day.

Other than that, thanks for trying to inspire players to log in.


DMC, I’m going to have to disagree with you here - CCP really should just scrap the daily rewards. These things are litter - and they add an extra pop-up box that we all have to click through just to get to the game.

Click through daily reward window … select character … (sometimes) close event splash page … then play.


Well, some of us actually like getting extra free stuff.

Now if the BPC’s had some ME and TE research stats, that would help ease up the manufacturing requirements for newer players. As for me, all the BPC’s I get will be used for Invention.

Now about the skins, they can still be added directly to the character sheet, just need to be set up like I said, have the expiration timer start when the skin is actually applied to a ship in the fitting screen.

And the Boosters should automatically be sent to the in-game queue so they can be activated just before undocking. That would allow those who like to duel outside stations a better chance to take advantage of the Boosters.

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If new players want the free stuff that CCP is handing out, that’s fine with me. Veteran players such as myself, however, have absolutely no use for any of it. I’d at least like to have an opt-out so I don’t have to see that damn UI popup every single time I log in, along with the flashing icon in the bottom left of the screen…

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There’s a little trash can icon that you can put the items into.

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Yes, but that still does not keep me from having to interact with it every single time I log in…


This last set of “Gifts” are kind of like giving a Teardrop Jaguar to a newborn and tell the baby you can only have it for a week. If you are just going to give gifts to one segment of the Eve Universe, then just give to them and don’t tell anyone else.
I did play before I came back. My other toons were given to a corp mate who has since stopped playing, so are lost to me now. BUT I could have flown the Marshall with those toons (They got their start in the 2007 time frame), but not in the new and definitely not improved version of Uda Mann01.
Why give a skin that will disappear in 7 days? Either give it or not.
The only gift that is of any value to me in this entire line of gifts so far will be the 150Ksp, ( 1 missile booster that I mistakenly hit claim before realizing that it would start the timer as soon as I claimed it).
All in all - just waiting until you give us the 150ksp and ignoring all the other hogwash!

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Yeah but at least you can get rid of the red dot.


Can we have the option to bypass this garbage and just have the bonus SP auto-injected at login? Or at least a trashcan button on the items to get rid of them conveniently, while also sending an email, text, voicemail, and twitter response to the CEO of CCP letting them know a player has deleted their bonus logon “gift”.

This please @CCP_Dopamine … and thrown in an opt-out for the obnoxious red dot while you’re at it.

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