3 steps how to fix daily login campaing

With the amount of whining going on about free stuff the entitlement, greed and stupidity is both glorious as annoying. I see two solutions:

  • do nothing because whining millennial greeds is funny to watch

  • remove any and all free stuff in a “careful what you wish for” kind of way

Personally I’m all for the latter but I can see some CCP just basking in the rage it produces by keeping it as it is.

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Wishlist - Need some mechanism whereby anyone who complains about free stuff on the forums is never ever offered free stuff again in the game.

Auto-donate™ (to yours truely)

Apperal shards?

Remove the campaign and give us downvote buttons

This right here. This is so spot on, CCP should print this out and physically attach it to each dev’s workstation.

Merin bringing that clarity to the forums. :+1:

Step 1: ban all the entitled losers whining about free stuff.


Liquidation and donation

Sorry, I like free stuff.


It gives a little something to new players, that doesn’t drag down the economy for similar items that could be sold. Its cool to find a new item when you’re just starting out, and could fit all your possessions in a single frigate.

Older players can just ignore it. They are encouraged to login during week-long campaigns every month or two, during special events.

Hey, stop thinking what I am thinking, but before me.

OK, maybe just dont post it before me.

Thats what I wanted to write.



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