Sometimes it's just looks like low effort

Numbers are not great, and nobody is asking much here. But is it that hard to remember and turn skilling on spree on? Am I asking too much?

Sometimes it looks like low effort.

Woah 2500 SP! My sweet jeez I’m going places, CARRIERS HERE I GO! Totally OP must be turned off at every opportunity!

Great strategy guys to keep the engagement, let me applaud. clap clap clap.

And God forbid having PvE and PvP events at the same time, giving 5K everyday will make the 1.2m skill take only 240 (I dont know math) days, let’s avoid it like the plague!

Please give us more events to do stupid stuff around, like children in a playground, that must be the true nature of sandbox (playground, sand, you got this CCP).


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Inb4lock :closed_lock_with_key:


Many people enjoy the live events, and last time I checked, there was still plenty of sand in the sandbox. I mean, that’s kind of the beauty of a sandbox right. You’re not reliant on the devs to provide your fun. So, I’m not exactly sure why you’re getting mad that they’re making content that appeals to other players.

As for the dailies, meh. Probably wouldn’t hurt anything to keep skilling spree going non-stop, and would certainly make some players happy.

Also, you might get further if you did less ranting and tried to post more constructively. No doubt you’d still get a handful of guys telling you you’re wrong for daring to have an opinion on teh interwebs, but you’d stand a better chance of gaining consensus and not getting your threads locked.

:rofl: that’s funny, really.


Way too much. It’s already a miracle you’re able to log in so don’t be so greedy.


If this is the only thing that can engage you, daily log-ins, why are you even playing?

FYI, Events are themepark. Not sandbox.

Many player ideas end up making into the game. In fact, CCP has recently started adding a little icon to items in the patch notes in order to reflect those ideas.

What’s interesting to me, however, is how obstinately some players assert that CCP doesn’t listen. I mean, even before they started including the icon, there was more than enough evidence. So, I have to ask why they feel this way? Could it be because CCP doesn’t listen to them in particular? A few months back, I made a thread offering advice on how to provide feedback that might actually influence CCP, and some people said that there was no point because CCP doesn’t listen…

Personally, I can’t help but be reminded of that scene from the Social Network.


But even arseholes can have good ideas.


Good thing I haven’t given CCP any suggestions or ideas in any shape or form ever then isn’t it?

It’s not my place to give them ideas or suggestions, it’s their freaking game, they can manage. And if not, we’ll…
“Unsubs everywhere”


I can attest to that.
My ex has always had great ideas but, well, he was the biggest ahole I ever met.


There are more instances where CCP decidedly did not listen to players and instead went with their selfish, childish and stubborn ways that in end wrecked the game exactly as these “asshole” players predicted it would. Rorquals, supers, titans, capital proliferation, structure spam, destruction of game paradigms through structures without compensating for the destroyed paradigms, risk free instanced ISK farming, Blackout, industry changes so far, and so on and so forth.

There are also many instances where CCP eventually listened to players after months or years of relentlessly clubbing their thick skulls like Canadians club baby seals.

And then there are all these instances in which they promote these instances of “we listened” as their and the community’s great achievements, when in fact they are slapping all the people in the face with their factitiousness.

They are not listening to assholes? That’s not our problem because they breed assholes with their attitude like a chickenfarm breeds male chicken for the shredder.

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Thank you! You said it better than I could’ve ever cared to say it. I could’ve pointed all the stuff you did point out but these days, I don’t give much fack.

Uh, thats so offensive. We don’t club baby seals. We harpoon them. If you club them they will fall into the water and then we won’t be able to make slippers out of their faces.


I’m not sure how to respond. Like, I’m not sure if you’re ignorant of the mountain of evidence of CCP listening to players, or actually believe that because CCP doesn’t implement every inane idea proposed by every idiot, that means that they “don’t listen to the players.” Well, I don’t think that you’re uninformed, so I have to assume that you have unreasonable expectations or something.


Well, we’ve kind of talked about this before, but once again for the viewers at home:

  • Players often give conflicting feedback- There is absolutely no shortage of examples here, but we need look no further than your own examples of CCP “not listening.” So, players complained about capital proliferation, and then players complained about how expensive CCP made caps. Null bloc players complained about structure spam and asked for more incentives to blow them up, and carebears complained that CCP put targets on their backs and screwed them over. Hunters adamantly approved of blackout, while krabs threw a fit. “And so on and so forth.” In fact, I believe it was CCP Rise that once said, “we know we’ve balanced something right when half the players say we went too far, and the other half say we didn’t go far enough.”
  • Players often have poorly thought out ideas- You regularly use these forums right? I mean, you yourself sometimes disagree with player ideas. So, I’m not sure you can fault CCP for not listening to bad ideas.
  • Players often fail to provide persuasive arguments- Some players will actually try convince CCP, the CSM, and/or their fellow players that their idea has meritt, while others forgo things like persuasive arguments, good grammar, and punctuation in favor of insults, calls for devs to be fired, threats to unsub, rants about troglodytes, and literal ■■■■■■■ curses.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that CCP does sometimes fall short. A rather famous example of this is when players warned of the rorqual buff. And, more recently, it seems like they are failing to listen to the Pochven community. So, there is most certainly room for improvement. Hell, I have some feedback of my own that I really wish they’d listen to. However, those that assert that CCP doesn’t listen are either uninformed, are being disingenuous, arrogantly think that they have all the answers, and/or have unrealistic expectations.

So, once again, if you want CCP to listen to you, I suggest trying to make compelling arguments and building a consensus. I can’t promise you that they will implement your change, but I will promise you that it will get you further than a rant.

Or, don’t. And keep cherry picking reasons to get angry at CCP for not listening. Whatever works for you.

Edited for grammar.

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omg. How much money does CCP give you to shill so hard for them?
I mean you’re doing a good job! You should be handsomely paid for your efforts.

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CCP themselves are full of conflicting ideas and suggestions about things. Just look at the Rorquals where CCP in the beginning adamantly insisted that this was an amazing change and then years later reluctantly started to backpaddle hard and threw the economy that they already wrecked into an even greater wrecked state. Or take Rattati’s and Psych’s stubborn insistence on that no-one could know how a certain feature implementation would pan out when people ("assholes, as they were called here) kept telling CCP exactly what would happen – and their predictions materialized to the letter. This was particularly true with Rorquals, supers, titans, structures and so on.

With regards to your “Hunters loved Blackout. ratters hated it” example: I remember a few instances where hunters started to complain about Blackout after the first week because they would not find a thing to kill anymore. It’s funny how the tables turned and a bad idea that was lauded by one side and loathed by the other actually proved the loathing side right and the lauding side wrong. That is not to say that CCP could have actually made Blackout work if they had implemented it as a full feature with changes and improvements to all things connected. But, as it is the case with all memes that a developer tries to use as basis for their development, they only did it half-assedly, poorly implemented and terribly communicated. And to this day, nearly 3 years after this “experiment”, CCP still has not released any data or findings from these 2 months to explain to us what they (think they) figured out from the data (behavioral changes, bot movement, pattern changes, etc.)

Naturally. I object anything that is objectively, factually and undeniably terrible. That has nothing to do with poorly thought out ideas or conflicting feedback. It is common sense to recognize horrible suggestions, ideas and features from players and developers. And to my credit, I have yet to be proven wrong about many of my negative evaluations of anything CCP has done in the last 7 years. Not that this is something I am particularly proud of. CCP seems to lack this common sense, at least judging by their highly questionable trackrecord of implemented features and quality of implementation.

CCP fails to provide persuasive reasoning for why a certain change was necessary. For instance, take the recent BLOPS changes and the addition of the Group Jump. Why would you implement something like this with the group numbers limitation of 10 while you say you want to see people to bring their BLOPS to the front line? Is there evidence in data that suggests people bring at most 10 BLOPS to a gank or only 10 bombers to a capital dunk? Things like Spectre Fleet or Bombers Bar suggest that this is not the case and instead people bring a lot more ships simply because it is necessary. You need overwhelming numbers to kill something because you can’t just go back, reship and then get bridged back in in most instances. So, if this Group Jump feature is supposed to work, you need to group jump your entire fleet so that your BLOPS is not at risk of dying and thus jeopardizing the entire operation and stranding your entire fleet in nomansland. Or if people drop BLOPS, from my personal experience, it will be many more than 10 simply because it’s needed. The only thing this might be useful for is jumping the BLOPS out and taking late comers with it who missed a bridge away from a destroyed target’s system.

What was the persuasive reason for introducing this feature then if, in my and some other people’s opinions, it is not useful to bring the blops in, but to bring it out safer.
What were persuasive arguments for throwing out of the window tried and proven balance paradigms for supers, titans that worked for over a decade for logical reasons?
What were persuasive arguments for throwing out of the window logical balance paradigms for structures that kept the economy stable for over a decade?
What are persuasive arguments for apparently focusing all ore faucets into anomalies that CCP needs to balance themselves and away from normal asteroid belts that have already been regulating and balancing themselves for over a decade?

I can continue the list if you wish but it should get the point across.

They didn’t listen to the Edencom community. Did they honestly expect this would change just because they sat in Poochven? :joy: When CCP introduced Pochven, they completely forgot about Edencom systems and that they are the only tangible consequence for trig lovers in empire space. But since you can gain positive standing with both sides by just killing drones in Pochven, these systems are utterly useless. CCP willfully and intentionally made Edencom into a joke 1 second after Pochven was established.

Funny side note here:

Trigs still attack high standings Trig players. Trigs also still attack one another. I have 8.5 and I still get attacked by them randomly

Do they realize that Trigs have 3 distinct factions under the Trig banner? I have a char that is white neutral with Perun, but red hostile with Veles. Also, triglavians are constantly at war with each other in their old abyssal home area if I remember the lore correctly. Something about proving to be the strongest and so on. Why should they stop doing that in Pochven? If you ask me, these trig players don’t understand trigs and they want this particular thing changed so that it’s more convenient to them.

In conclusion: CCP’s situation is a mess. A wonderful, huge, unfathomable, unfixable mess. Does being more reasonable and less aggravating against them help to make them listen to reason? The last 7 years of constantly telling them how terrible a feature is that they implemented, giving them advice on how to fix them, and doing so in a calm, collected manner says otherwise. Whenever I tell CCP something is in my opinion wrong, I used to do it in a removed manner so that it does not come across too negative. However, after years and years of seeing CCP ignore the community, I see no reason to handle them with kid gloves anymore. Will it make them less likely to see what I write? Yes. Does it matter to me? No. Why? Because they just dig their own grave and I will gladly keep selling them shovels to accelerate their endeavor.

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