[CCPLEASE] Skilling on spree

Title, I cannot have a complete satisfying experience online without my 2500 SP every day.

Please stop removing it at every opportunity (I’m not gonna say stupid arena), it’s not competing with your “buy now” packages I’m sure.


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2500 SP is like when CCP does a 3% sale on $500 in PLEX.

Literally meaningless. Literally useless. Literally the opposite of motivation.


Free sp is free sp, never pass it up. C’mon CCP we need our daily titbit.

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Please remove it permanently. Log-in rewards too.


A game without positive reinforcement, are you mad MAN?

As an Alpha player i respectfully disagree.

I am sure that for an Omega player who can pay to play the full game those 2500 SP look meaningless, but for me, who lost a job during the pandemic and now have to decide whether i’ll spend money on feeding my kid or playing a great videogame for a couple of hours, they are a welcome means to skill my Alpha clone up just a tiny bit without having to spend my much needed real money on it.

Yeah, i know - Alphas are just a tool to get your tongue wet and eventually pay to play, but sadly not all of us are in a position to pay a subscription and to those of us log-in rewards and the skilling spree mean a lot.

Just saying.


That was the best argument for these things I’ve seen so far, in this forum or ingame.
I would add that when I was brand new skilling spree got me something I needed very badly in one shot, skills to fly five drones at once. It taught me two things, a bit about what skills are and how they work, but also that even with some of the longer ones there is still hope.
Right now it doesn’t do a lot for me because I’m cranking a long list of stuff to V but it made a huge difference when I was new sometimes. I still do it though.

Proving Ground is more annoying

Only bringing this up as someone mentioned the rewards on this thread.

Really wish CCP would implement an opt out for the daily log-on gifts (rewards), that way some people wouldn’t have an excuse to complain.

Me, I’m impartial either way. I don’t mind claiming the log-on rewards and will usually donate them to new players.

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uH… feed your kid, ok?

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How dare you even consider that.

Sorry to hear about the tough time you find yourself in (I genuinely mean that), but;

  1. Eve can be free to play as an Alpha, there’s no shame in this. I have several Alpha accounts that I find extremely useful.
  2. Your no.1 priority is your child, everything else is secondary. I’m almost certain this is true anyway and you were just being flippant out of frustration.
  3. It is possible to make enough isk to fund Omega, I know it’s thought but it’s possible.

All the best, hope you find yourself gainfully employed with better times to come!

BRUH if $14.99/month means a real possibility of taking food out of your child’s mouth, you need to GTFO the computer, like right now, and go collect soda cans for nickels. Seriously GTFO your arse and go scrounge up some food money. WTF.

You need to take the third option, sell your computer and feed the kid also get him/her a Nintendo switch with the change brighten up their life a bit. No fun being hungry apply for food parcels if you have that option. Apply for a school dinner club I’m sure the state will happily provide free school meals.
Personally I just hope your a troll, but this is Eve online you just never know for certain. Keep well fella.o7

why would you remove it for the newer players they need it and the sp just because some of you sit there and have 100mil sp and ■■■■ doesnt mean everyone els does. the log in rewards are great for newer players not so much for older players. i see your probly a pvp pilot if i had to guess or you wouldnt be crying about free blue prints.

You were doing great till your bias fell out.

right lol

I occasionally start new characters. They need sp as much as any new player. But daily tasks and log-in rewards are a nuisance for anyone, including new players.

A much better system was what eve used to have where new players just trained faster until they hit a certain SP number.

Just give them the SP without getting them to jump through hoops. Without having to force them to log-in or shoot things they normally wouldn’t.

As an older player BPC’s benefit me far more than any noob. I can use them for invention and actually have a chance of making money. A new player will likely lose money using those BPC’s.

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