Skilling Spree Dilemma?

I love the skilling spree as a new player ,it helps me catch up not with other players but with actually enjoying things in this game, on one account ,not having to make 5 alpha alts and afk them all day mining/ratting, in my first year of playing to be able to afford skill injectors on my main .

If ya’ll so unhappy about this event, dear developers makeit so this event is only available to new OMEGA clones that are under 1 year old and block them from using skill extractors. That way you make sure that genuine new paying users benefit from this event to have fun in game earlier than years later and the salty veterans are not affected in anyway but they can take advantage in more people rushing to fly ships out there.
And also make proper skilling spree events, I’ve been getting 10k missions in the last 4 days, is this a joke ? when the max is 50k. And make it a daily thing. It only discourages me from buying skill injectors but it will encourage me to keep paying my sub and having fun ,even tho I might loose my shiny expensive ship I can fly 2 years earlier to some salty veteran. This game won’t last for another 10 years, you need actual paying playerbase to grow, not 10000 daily new alpha alts and a few large cartels shelling out SP injectors from their 100000 SP farming alts.

if you need free stuff to keep you subbed, your playing the wrong game. there are other games that have events you can grind for a 2nd job for free stuff.


I don’t think there’s too many people unhappy about Skilling Spree, as such. It’s more that some of us would prefer to see something like the older style events that were actual events. Things like the Purity of the Throne, Crimson Harvest and Rogue Swarm Alerts were a lot more interesting than Skilling Spree. They had game lore, they had action, they had competition, stealing, decent and unique rewards.

As for the 10k days, that is most days. Previous Sprees show the breakdown is something like 70% 10k days, 20% 25k, 10% 50k. So expect to see a lot of 10s.

As for limiting the event to Omegas, they won’t do that for the same reason they don’t limit the game to Omegas: without Alphas, these days, EVE would be a ghost town. Crickets and tumbleweeds. Doors banging in the wind. EVE should never have gotten this far down, but CCP either can’t or won’t re-design it to make it more viable, so letting people play free is the only way to make up the numbers now.


Imo, it just pushes alpha accounts to the 5mil so cap faster, and its a way to get you out the free trial faster.

I’m fine with new players getting more small and some medium ship skills faster.

But it reeks of Korean f2p dishonesty.

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QFT :+1:

I don’t think this type of “free stuff event” can be qualified as a grind for a 2nd job, when it takes like 5 minutes most of the times to do it .For someone playing 4 years or more, getting 10k-20k sp points a day from this thing is like nothing. For new players it’s a great deal of progress. They’ve already setup the ways to monetize and encourage massive artificial account numbers with this skill extract thing so.

Okay, I thought the chance% is distributed equally and I’m on the unluckiest streak with now 5th day of 10k.
Alpha’s already get 50k sp a day with those daily injectors to negate their 2x training speed. Old rich players who might need an alpha clone for some stuff can max out of the box any alpha skills they need it for. Also yes, alpha clones who plex count as a proxy paying user aswell but to play like that it really does require alot more investment in time and effort that is if you’re already an old player knowing what he does. I bet 90% of the alpha clones created so far are not new players but alts of the same 4-5k unique old playerbase really. Sounds to me like all these efforts they’ve made didn’t actually bring in fresh new players to the game, just made it much more easier for alot of the same old skilled players to double/triple their income .

I have met a lot of alpha players in lowsec - unique single account alpha players.

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