Skilling Spree not showing up for my account?

Hello, I just started getting back into eve after a long break. Checking out new content trying to get back into the game, omega’d one of my 5 accounts and I’m playing around.

Well this skilling spree event sounds really cool there’s just one problem, it doesn’t show up for my main account… When I log into alternate accounts, there it is upon logic, the popup window showing me the event info etc… But on my main account it simply does not show up at all.

So every single day since this started I’ve been losing out by basically being barred from taking part in an event…

I’m having fun in this game, I want to play. I want to Omega more accounts and start multiboxing again for mining and such things…

But how on earth are you going to expect a customer to throw money at your game, when you exclude them from events and put them at a disadvantage compared to the normal playerbase…

I’ve made bug reports ingame, I’ve filed tickets here in support channels… I’ve waited and waited hoping each morning maybe they just might hotfix and make it so EVERYONE can take part in the event.

But no… Here we are. No replies through any of the support channels… No skilling spree quest.

Just me sitting here, failing to convince myself any valid reasons to Omega or sub anymore of my accounts.

I hope CCP knows they are losing costumers over this.

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There should be a flag icon in the top left next to your portrait. Click it to see the current challenge. If it isn’t there, there is likely an issue with the client on your machine. Try clearing your cache and verify the shared cache. If you get the 25K or 50K challenge, you won’t get any SP until you kill the required number of rats (5 or 10 respectively).

The feature works for all my characters and this is the first post I’ve seen indicating an issue so the problem is likely at your end.

Having the same problem, I did the first NPC and it said I got the Skill Points, but has since just locked up.

Never received the 10k SP or new missions.


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