Skilling Spree No Option

Yesterday and today I’ve received no option for skilling spree. MY other account continues to receive an option both days. Bug and regular tickets filed.

Check if you have the small flag icon on your upper left side of screen checked (events) looks like it’s only minimized

No flag like usual

Huum not in game to show y can y send a print of your screen?

Yeah you are missing an icon there. I could help you more when I’m online. I bet if you look at neocom it will get back. Shoot me a mail so I can look into that to you when I’m home

Is there a reload ui option? maybe that will help

I have the exact same problem: yesterday and today no skillspree, my others account are fine.

Clear Cache as suggested by GM Driveshaft, no result. Reset Neocom, no result.

I had the same issue yesterday on a few characters but still got a reward for killing 1 NPC on each

GM Driveshaft says that a fix was deployed today that excludes accounts less than 20 days old from participating in Spree.

I wish they would announce these things instead of making me search the forums. Hell, even a sticky of this thread could probably help others who are coming here with the same question.

I have same problem. What to do?

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