When will the skil points for error of chatting system be given

The chat system was broken as recently as last week. I can’t even count how many times its been that way in the last year.

Last week local was so broke I was showing 19 players in local with one of my characters, while another character simultaneously showed only 3 in local in the same system. Repeatedly attempted to communicate with other players, system kept faulting and saying disconnected from chat system. I wasnt subbed on the one day they’ve chosen out of untold numbers of days its been broken.

I dont blame the devs though, just seems like uh, there has a been significant change in quality of service in the last year. Again, I dont at all blame the devs for this. Jita has been so broken some days that the lag experienced using the market is game breaking. Literally took several minutes for items to appear in one’s inventory sometimes. If you’re trying to fit a ship to go pvp, and the market isn’t working, you have problems. Especially if you have time constraints external from the game. Im ranting, but I could go on about other issues than just the broken chat system, and market lag…like the PI system bugging out/lagging out in ways I’ve never seen in 7 years of playing. And the overview/grid not loading until after you’re on grid.

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Any potential in submitting a ticket about an account that was omega at the time, but characters were transferred off at the end of October (to consolidate accounts), so there is no current character to receive the 500k on the qualifying account?

I don’t want to clutter up the system with frivolous tickets, but at the same time…

Good question, I mothballed 4 accounts that were active around the date - just not worth the petition - not going to ever use those accounts again, even with a 500k sp incentive

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I agree, I could have created a new alt, to get the 500k, but I don’t need the hassle.
If I could get the 500k on one of the two characters I transferred off to my other accounts though, that would be golden.

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i like many have the same issue, they only response is oh send a ticket. so you are saying ticket every account i have, cant ccp just look @ the code, for me having a good few accounts its going to be a pain in the groin

It would appear the ticketing system has been ganked. I get an error stating the CAPTCHA verification has failed.

under what category do i submit a ticket?

Quoted for the guy who didn’t notice the answer literally 8 posts above his question.

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