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Currently when you get Skill Points as apart of your login rewards it gets stashed in your “Redeem Items” and has an expiration date. The expiration date is fine and all, but what I don’t like is that if I’m currently unsure of what to train or which character on that account I’d like to have the unallocated SP on, it forces me to claim the SP on a character even though days / weeks / months / years from now it may be a different character on that account that I’d want the unallocated SP on.

I suggest that when we claim SP from login rewards that it goes into an account-wide storage where we can there place the unallocated SP on whichever character on the account we want.

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Long term player problems. :slight_smile:

I wonder what thats like.

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The SP really doesnt amount to much, just alternate it between characters

SP in Eve is like Satoshis in Bitcoin, stack them.

Just like all that gold in your electronics you throw out.

Actually, the redeem window is your account wide storage. Removing the expiration date would do what you want.

It can add up, especially for low skill characters. In fact, with the 1 million SP recruitment bonus, a brand new alpha will accrue about 1.6 million SP in the time it takes him to hit the 5 million SP cap (about 6 months). So, ustacould train alphas up to 6.6 million SP for free (which is about 33% more than the 5mil SP cap).

Regardless, that unallocated SP can add up if you’re patient, and it can certainly be a big boost to low skill alts.

Anyway, I don’t know why CCP changed the expiration date on daily login rewards, but it would be nice if we somehow had more time to decide where we wanted that SP to go. This is especially true since it can be useful for pivoting to take advantage of new strats and opportunities, which means that it’s useful for situations that you can’t predict or plan for.

Yes, this would be the simplest fix. Thanks for coming to my focus group. CCP, please fix this.

I’m totally in favor of that, but i have the feeling CCP want us to feel the urge to redeem them (FOMO). Like, you just can’t simply click Claim on the login window, you have to actually log on a character and claim, fakely increasing the player count in stats (because some players might just open the client for the daily reward (character selection screen), without login a character into the game). Maybe if their noob test group they pretend to have can tell them the same…

You can drag and drop items from the Redeem Queue, at the bottom of the login screen, on to whichever character you want. I discovered this by accident about a week ago.

Just make sure you don’t actually redeem the 1 million SP if you want to use it to get 6 million SP on an alpha account. Leave it unclaimed since it doesn’t expire. Even if you don’t spend the points they still count against your 5 mil cap as soon as you redeem them.

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