CCP - Let us use our unallocated skill points in any character on the account!

As title says…
Unallocated skill points should be allowed to be used on any character in that account!


Simply demanding things is never a good reason.
Simply because it will be good for you is never a good reason.
There needs to be a compelling reason this will be better for the game.

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Horrible idea…

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because OP then could triple dip in event and login rewards. It is just a simple case of greed.

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Another lazy attempt to avoid putting any time and effort into playing.


The ones from daily log in already are. The ones you buy: ditto.

Only the ones you earn via a specific character (i.e. the Skilling Spree) aren’t. Those are, surprise surprise, earned by the character.

Be careful what you ask for: CCP might change the Skilling spree to one per account, as per your wish.

You’re not gonna get triple skilling spree to allocate on one char.

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I don’t want this.
Thank you, CCP.

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Reason number 56023487426908734968753096873096875340986740986 why killing NPCs for skill points was a bad idea.


Pretty sure the OP is either the biggest Troll (or wants to be) or the smallest child (trying to be). I don’t often attack people for making comments but it is pretty obvious this is not a very thoughtful idea but more or less influenced by how they feel about it.

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He does nothing else. There’s no actual thinking behind the ideas. Whenever there’s something that causes feelings of annoyance, the OP runs to the forums and posts about how it needs to be changed.

What can you expect from someone who calls himself “■■■■ lover”, though?

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