Yoiul Festival YV122 - Daily challenge reset?

Are the Yoiul Festival daily challenges supposed to reset at downtime like normal daily challenges?

I wanted to do the ice mining challenge again today, and I still have a “hit NPCs with snowballs 3x” in that slot after finishing the “ice mining” challenge yesterday…

There’s been problems with daily challenges not resetting in the past. I’m not sure why it keeps happening. Regardless, you should post about it in the known issues thread.

I’m not sure they are “daily” challenges. It does not state that anywhere that I have seen, and I still have one challenge partially finished from the first day.

Hopefully I am wrong though, because it seems like a fairly big oversight otherwise…I mean, anyone who can’t run difficult combat sites, data sites, AND mine ice is inevitably going to get stuck (as I have on all 3 of my characters now) - and then there are low/nullsec-specific challenges on top of that.

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Yeah, I am done less than a week into the event as now have 4 challenges all related to the combat sites and can’t fly a T2 battleship,

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You don’t have to use a T2 BS (HAC’s can do them easily and I’ve seen people using Gnosis to do them too and I assume most BC’s can and there are plenty using Praxis and I assume most T1 BS’s can do them fairly easily too) but I get your point.

I was doing the mining ones on my mining alt and now I have 4x combat ones that I can’t do too.

The challenge description says you need a T2 fit battleship or equivalent, i.e. fitted with T2 mods or better, not that you need a T2 battleship (Marauder).

I am still on a cruisers, seems like I won’t be able to learn the skills to fly a BS with T2 modules until it’s too late for the event :grimacing:

This is how I feel towards the ice mining stuff. Half my challenges require me to ice mine and I don’t have those skills.


You can do some of the combat site challenges just by sitting outside on the gate.

If it’s complete 1 or 3 combat sites just fly to the combat site gate in a frigate, sit there, do nothing and wait until someone else completes it. You get the points.

Ok that’s no good for kill x Sansha battleships or kill y Sansha NPCs but it does get some of the combat site ones done without the need to use a combat ship at all.

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3 of my 4 tasks are the exact same mission that I don’t do. The other one is a low sec task. Nice one ccp sure does make me want to log in. Re the exploration tasks really complete 8 sites when there are several ppl per system and very few site spawn and those cant be scanned down with ppl with low skills, oh and no daily reset of tasks, just wow.

Anyone getting anything else apart from Exploration tasks

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