Version 18.12 - General Feedback

Hello there,

Our monthly deployment (Version 18.12) is going live today. Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything that will be released within this version.

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A release without any announcement? :thinking:

And guaranteed ore anoms? What kind of balance idea is behind that?

  • Probes will now automatically stack when returned to the Cargo Hold.
  • A confirmation prompt will now appear when attempting to join a Fleet while you are currently in one, allowing you to swap Fleets.

The good UI people are at work again. :+1:

The Career Agents page of the Agency will now show the closest available Agents.

Would you please also finally fix the Agent Finder when you look for a specific agent type? It is really annoying that I see agents 10 jumps away at the top of the list but Agents right next door nestled somewhere in random places.


RIP Eve online. No ishtars - no pvp-no isk income- no players online.


“Updated rules governing the distribution of Ice Belts”

what was the rule before? come on ccp… pls give us infos


DBS in LS, T2 salvage drones, ADM changes, ore changes. Everything unannounced. There will be lot of forks going out today…

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T2 Salvage drones?!

falcon yahoo


I usually don’t whine about updates, sometimes there were positive changes, sometimes negative ones (in my opinion) and it’s ok.
BUT some points here are already nonsense.


So what are the new rules for ice belts?

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More giving in to whining from null sec. Bet CCP Aurora is a bit sad. Three or fours days after her ice and ore working as intended post, the devs go and change it.


Who knows but whatever they are, it is working as intended, until they change it again

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New Salvage Drones?!

Gimme a new offer on Omega CCP and Ill resub immeadiately!

Being serious btw.

is it me or did CCP just buffed mining ?

Almost month ago this was brought to devs. Right after initial bug was deployed with ore rebalance

Why the … Drone assist doesn’t work too? I pay for 3 accs, ratting online, without afk ratting. So -3 subscriptions ccp, thank you.


cause thats sth you don t see every day…

I’m aware of that and three or four days ago, they said on Reddit it was working as intended. Go figure.

Magpie MTU image is broken. Just have an exclamation mark now in the hanger.

Nice work CCP with the drones. They do not even auto attack anymore when you shoot a target with something. You actually must press F to make them engage.



solid changes ccp thank you :slight_smile:

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  • Updated rules governing the distribution of Ice Belts. - how to understand this?
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